Thank you for purchasing a Premium/VIP membership with!

If you purchased a VIP membership you will get a exposure created by me. To get this created, send a email to [email protected] with the subject VIP MEMBER CONTENT then your username.
Include all your pictures and info.  If you do not put this as the subject line the email will get ignored.
The more info about your life you include the better I can make your exposure. Make sure to include your exposure from and a picture with written on you if you want to be added to the gallery's.

Premium members do not get the exposure created by me. But if you send me a picture of you with written on you or holding a sign I will add you the official fag gallery. Use the same email and subject line above when emailing me.

Creating exposures without having to get approved.

You will see a menu item called MyExposures, on the drop down menu you will see edit exposures and create new exposure.

Edit exposures will take you to the backend of the site where you can view your published exposures, edit or remove them.
Note: If you choose to have the edit/delete ability taken away, you will not be able to see the edit exposures.

Create new exposure does as the name suggests, lets you create a new exposure. This new form will bypass the review process.

Please note the same rules apply to upgraded members as normal members:

If you abuse these rules, VIP will be taken away NO WARNINGS.

Timed self-destruct exposures, and scheduling.

You now have the ability to create a exposure today, and have it publish at any point in the future that you choose. To do this look to the right of the screen after you click create new exposure and you will see “Publish immediately edit” Click on edit, then choose the day and time you want the exposure to be published. Click ok below, you will then see a blue button called schedule. After you have created your exposure click schedule and you are done.

Self-destruct post
scrolling further down the page you will see a box called “Post Expiratory” You must check the box “enable post expiration” Select the date and time you want the post to be deleted. Then you will see “how to expire” Make sure you have delete selected from the drop down box. DO NOT CHOOSE STICK or your account will be automatically be banned.


As you can see on the page there is far more options to choose from. Do not mess with anything! I will make another guide shortly explaining how they all work. The site has systems inplace to automatically ban people that mess with the wrong stuff. So if you are unsure of something, ask me before you touch it.

Featured Exposures

Upgraded members get the ability to feature their posts. This means have it stuck to the top of the homepage for a week. Depending on if you are VIP or Premium you can do this more then once. This has to be manually done by me. So if you have a exposure you want to stick to the homepage, send me a message and as long as no one else has theirs features at the same time, I will get it done for you.

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