Banners and Featured Spot

Already have an exposure published, or you have some sort of blog you want more people to visit? Purchasing a banner spot on is the best way to achieve this!

The site homepage is getting roughly 5000 – 8000 views every single day. The banner will be shown to everyone who visits the homepage. This banner can link to your exposure, or some other website of your choice.
You are free to provide us with the banner you want to use, or we can create one for you.

Banners are paid for by the month. The price depends on if you want to share the banner spot, or only have your banner shown.
Sharing the banner spot simply means there can be up to  5 different banners. The banner that is shown will be randomly chosen each time the homepage is loaded.
Not sharing, means your banner will show %100 of the time.

Sharing the banner – $120USD per month.
Showing only your banner – $350USD per month.

As an added bonus, anyone that purchases a banner, or featured spot. Will also get their exposure/website promoted on both of our twitter accounts with 9000 followers.

Below where you see the chaturbate banner, this is where your banner will be displayed.

Featured Spot

If you already have an exposure created, but it’s old and you don’t want to wait for a new one to get approved. You can purchase a featured spot. This will simple take ur exposure, and put it as the 1st exposure on the page giving it far more views. Your exposure is guaranteed to stay on the 1st row of the homepage for as long as you pay for.
Featured spots are purchased by the week.
$30USD per week. Discounts available for purchasing more than 3 weeks.
Featured spots are only allowed to promote exposures on, not external websites.

Banners and featured spots can be paid for using: giftcards
Chaturbate tokens – this will cost you double.

To arrange payment comment on this page, or contact Admin MasterAshton.

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