• Denise posted an update 9 months ago

    I love this site I get to show the world I’m a sissy fairy
    Please show the whole world what a little sissy fairy I truly am! I am not or ever was a man. Sissies like me not only deserve to be humiliated and exposed, but deep down we really love it …

    • yes we deserve to be exposed and humiliated
      • I couldn’t agree more darling. I am new to the site but I am looking forward to all of the excitement and adventures to come who come from my being here!
        Sissy’s like us definitely deserve to be outed and and humiliated..

        • That is so true we need to be outed, exposed as what we really are. It’s so very exciting to be exposed as a sissy. So that everyone can see me for what I am really am

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