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Exposedfaggots is a platform for faggots/sissies/queers/etc that crave exposure to post and share their pictures and personal info.
It is very important that you realize nothing you upload to this site can be edited or removed unless you PAY to upgrade your account.
Although the types of faggot I created this site for should NEVER want anything removed, all they should want is MORE AND MORE exposure.



We all hate rules, but don’t worry there is very few, and they are super easy to follow.

  1. No girls. No real girls that is. This is a male only site, cross dressers and trannys are welcome.
  2. Exposure of anyone other then your self is only permitted if you have written permission, and you are %100 sure the other person WANTS it. If someone complains that you exposed them and they didn’t want it, and you cannot provide sufficient proof that they asked for it, I will remove both people from the site.
  3. Except for the above rule under NO circumstances will ANYTHING be removed from the site, unless you upgrade your account. This means all uploaded exposures and photos are permanent.  You can give me any excuse under the sun I will not give in. We have scripts in place that track the ip address and locations of everyone who uploads data to the site. We are very good at telling if you actually uploaded the content your self or not. Please do not come to us with dumb excuses of being hacked, this never works.
  4. This is a platform for people to expose themselves, if someone else wants to expose you then great, but please do not come to the site begging others to expose you. This never ends well for either person. Also most people are on this  site for exposure, not to expose others. If you want ME to personally expose you, you can purchase a exposure package under the premium menu tab.


Create an exposure

To submit a new exposure simply click submit exposure in the top menu, or click here
Make sure to upload multiple pictures and adequate information. Exposures then go into a queue to be reviewed and published. The better the exposure, the quicker it will get published. Once your exposure is published it will appear on the homepage. From there ANYONE can view and share it.  You can check the re blogged counter at the bottom of each exposure to view how many times it has been shared. Note, this feature simply counts how many times the share buttons have been clicked, it does not track where it is shared to. Also you must keep in mind if someone shares your exposure to tumbr/twitter/etc people can then share it again on those platforms. The counter does not count the times it has been shared from the other platforms.  This is very important to keep in mind as even if you upgrade your account and remove your exposure, it only removes it from exposedfaggots.com NOT the sites it was shared to.



To edit your profile information, click profile in the very top menu. From there you can change your profile image by clicking CHANGE PROFILE PHOTO. There is also a gallery section where you can upload your images. These images will only be view able when someone clicks your profile. Simply click gallery to create a new gallery, if you cannot see the gallery link click the =+ symbol.

Profiles/Accounts CANNOT be removed. Unless of course you pay the removal fee.



Site activity is similar to the wall you see on facebook where you post your statuses. Pictures and info can be shared here.



Fagwall is a gallery which displays every picture in every exposure. Clicking on a picture will take you to the exposure where it is featured. When you create an exposure your pictures automatically get added to fagwall.

Public exposure agreements shows off all the exposure agreements faggots have signed. To get your blank template or upload your form click here

Officalfaggots – Want to  be an official faggot? Write exposedfaggots.com on you or a piece of paper with your face clearly visible and upload it here



Live whores features MANY MANY people whoring them selfs out live on cam. People masturbate on camera and the viewers tip them. Please note the livewhores login is SEPERATE from exposedfaggots login. This is because if you want to whore your self out, we have to make sure you are over 18 which means  going through the age verification process before you are allowed to accept tokens. Click here to signup as a camwhore.



Notices updates everytime the page is refreshed. Mousing over notices will show you any new messages or comments you have. If you are using a mobile device this will not work, and you must click messages in the menu.



Members can be viewed by clicking members in the top menu. This will show you all the sites members and allow you to add people as friends or send them private messages. Note, you cannot block people.


Removal of content

Do not message, or email me asking me to remove anything. If someone else has posted your pictures/info without your consent use the DMCA page, and fill out a COMPLETE take down notice.  Once this is done the content will be removed within 24hours.
If important details of the take down notice are left blank we will simply ignore it. Do not be afraid to fill it out completely, none of the info filled out will ever be shared.  You can fill out a DMCA take down notice by clicking here


If you  have any problems or questions about the site, feel free to contact me. You can contact me on the site (Admin masterashton) or send me a email fagwhoring@gmail.com

©  Exposedfaggots.com - The no.1 site for fag humiliation, whoring and exposure!

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