New members introduce yourself in the comments below. This page will display to all members when they login. is for exposing YOURSELF only. This means creating posts about yourself, and only uploading your own pictures. The only way to get someone else to expose you on this site, is to purchase an exposure package.

2. Exposedfaggots is a English only site. If you are from a non English speaking country you may use the site BUT you must use English at all times.  Users who do not use English in the their profiles, live chat or exposures will have their accounts frozen without warning.

3. Do not ask for exposers or Doms in the main public chat. You may ask people privately (so they can expose you on OTHER SITES) but if I see you asking in public Ill ban you without warning. Again this is because the site is for exposing yourself, not having others do it.

4. Doms/Masters/Mistresses/Exposers/etc must be ready and willing to verify their identiy. This means showing your face holding something saying followed by your username. If you are not willing to do this, you are not welcome to the site. Masters/Mistresses come here using fake images, making fags think they are someone they are not. Then asking the fags to send them money or naked pictures. This rule is in place so all fags on this site know who is asking them for their pictures/etc.

5. Some fags/slaves are into giving out account access. Under no circumstances are you to give out your password to If you make your password easy enough that someone can guess it, or you give out your password and someone who is not you uses your account and uploads media. YOU will be responsible for all media uploaded, and will have to pay the fee if you want any removed. Also if the media is off people without their permission, the blame will go directly to you. MAKE SURE YOUR ACCOUNT IS SECURE. USE A STRONG PASSWORD.

6. Teamviewer and blackmail….Trust me, no one on this site wants to login to your stupid computer and look at your ugly pictures. People asking others to control their computers or blackmail in public chat will be banned instantly. – Ask this is the groups, or in private.

7. Exposedfaggots was created for the faggots that crave exposure, their main goal in life is to be exposed to the world as a faggot. If you are shy, scared or need someone to talk you into being exposed. You are on the wrong site.

8.Fags are allowed to link to sites in chat with their images and videos, but under no circumstances are any Temporarily exposed sites allowed to be linked. Exposedfaggots is for permanent exposure only.



I get it, it’s much funner, and way more thrilling to be exposed by someone else.. why would you want to do it yourself? You can thank all those that complain for this rule.
Faggots will get people to post their content on this site, then after a few days they will regret it. They will come to me saying they didn’t give permission or some other reason why I should remove it. It’s just a headache and not worth my time.

The only way to have someone else expose you on THIS site is by purchasing an exposure package.



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uk sissy
14 hours ago
uk sissy
14 hours ago
Justin Keith Anglin
17 hours ago

Good Morning!

faggot roshan
1 day ago

FaggotRoshan exposed

Murray James
4 days ago

Hi boys just my link to a few web sites the fat faggot is on…..
Please share copy and expose the fat faggot..

6 days ago

the faggot in working Position

6 days ago

Hery and hallo to all tags and their “admirers”

My name is Bernd and I am a pathetik faggot and an Anon blindfolded cum dump.

My owner ordered me to expose myself on this site to get more humiliated and maybe to get also new fucker and regulars for being used and bred. Fag is very unhibited and located in Berlin Germany. Whoever wants to use and breed this fag is welcum. Whoever wants to abuse it verbally is also welcum.

Thank to all following exposers of it s pics and thanks to all.

Last edited 6 days ago by Volksloch
Szell Laszlo
6 days ago

Hi everyone
My name Faggotkriszti
I am pathetic faggot slut
Please exposed my photos

7 days ago

Hi. aka Littledickpantyslut. I love lusty affairs with my panties.

Darren Anthony
7 days ago

Hi all sissy faggot here

7 days ago

I love wearing panties every day

Alex Alaspa
7 days ago

Finally giving in

Ken Knight
8 days ago

Naked whenever i can, i also like to practice cbt

silly fag picture - nipples clamp, weights on cock and balls.jpg
Stephen Edward
8 days ago

Sissy faggot Goldiloxcd, also known as Stephen Edward, for exposure.

Sissy exposed 2 copy 2.jpg
Larana Bella
9 days ago

My name is Larana, sissy prostitute and i want to be exposed

Image31 (Copier).jpg
Pippi Lalla
Pippi Lalla
9 days ago

Italian faggot want to be exposed

Erik Cerpa
Erik Cerpa
9 days ago

my name is erik cerpa and I really want to be poz and a whore cum dump

tiny peepee
10 days ago

Still wish to remain mostly safe in my little closet. But the more risks I take, I know that strangers have the key to my closet door lock. And I can never retrieve those keys. I play semi alpha for the world to see. But sub beta queer with a tiny penis is my reality. Have one female Facebook friend who knows.

tiny dick.jpg
Ken Knight
10 days ago

Love seeing my own exposure!

douglas mclean
10 days ago

i love being on display naked my mouth and ass is available to anyone

Szell Laszlo
11 days ago

Good morning everyone, and have nice day…

Rag Doll
12 days ago

I want my humiliation to be seen by the public forever!!!

Shit Slut
13 days ago

Scat slut

Paweł Skrytogejowicz
14 days ago

I agree Sir.

Ram Alexandru
18 days ago

Who needs to be exposed?… Come to me and bow to me, impress me, serve me, worship me…. I will only allow you to worship my body if you already submit to me…

18 days ago

fucking site

18 days ago

Fuck you sick people

Michael Flynn
18 days ago

Hi, new sissy slut to this site. Will be exposing myself. Curious to see if anyone in the real world is also on this site and recognizes me. I’m friendly and looking for real time fun, so hit me up.

Steve Keating
19 days ago

Im a nasty sissy slut from Texas

Burt Ransome
19 days ago

5’7, 212,nearly 7″, tight anal entrance I love sucking and being fucked, can be a total tranny, big subbie streak so BDSM is in

19 days ago

25 sissy fag Leicester uk Rob/Katy im submissive bttm like dominant tops anal oral bondage ws spit spanking choking roleplay blackmail humiliation etc kik: Subbtm93

Richard Stobb
20 days ago

New Dom here looking to expose a fag.

Eryka Tapett
20 days ago

Si hornnnny i need big gay cocks

Ricky Rauh
20 days ago

Hello, i am a german Slut

Eryka Tapett
21 days ago


Eryka Tapett
21 days ago

Hello im a slut

b6d9eff5-cdd8-4437-ba8f-ab9458e1a499 (1).jpg
alex ross
21 days ago

new queer guy here. total exposure junkie

Burt Ransome
23 days ago

I regret that I was too excited in exposing myself to read about introducing myself, so here it is. I’m Burt Ransome (burtransome65 on the sites I’ve listed in my profile). I am a tranny but I’m also totally gay (a sissy faggot) when I’m with a man or MEN. I am in my 50’s, stand 5’7 and a bit of a chub. I was seduced as a (much) younger age by a neighborhood BBW immediately falling in love with her. It was her husband that encouraged her (and she me) that led me into dressing, sucking my first cock… Read more »

Michelle Sissy
23 days ago

Never been with a man before but want to real bad

Michelle Sissy
23 days ago

hi all I’m Michelle37

24 days ago

Good day … i am excited … this is the first step to exposure.

Burt Ransome
24 days ago

Good morning! USE ME!

Burt Ransome
24 days ago

Good morning! …I need DICKS!

Sissy Miro
24 days ago

SissyBitch submisiv gay whore slave. Europa, Croatia

Jake Peters
25 days ago

New fag here from uk 19m just gettin started need a Dom to use me xx

Peter Shackleford
26 days ago

Can you make me dummer?

CockSucker Robert
26 days ago

Exposed Faggot Robert

CockSucker Robert on Exposed Faggots.jpg
Google image search Robert 949 433 2850.jpg
Guido Koenig
26 days ago

German Faggot, GUIDO KÖNIG

permanent exposure Guido.jpg
Bruno Bueno
28 days ago


WhatsApp Image 2020-06-04 at 16.57.53.jpeg

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