New members introduce yourself in the comments below. This page will display to all members when they login. is for exposing YOURSELF only. This means creating posts about yourself, and only uploading your own pictures. The only way to get someone else to expose you on this site, is to purchase an exposure package.

2. Exposedfaggots is a English only site. If you are from a non English speaking country you may use the site BUT you must use English at all times.  Users who do not use English in the their profiles, live chat or exposures will have their accounts frozen without warning.

3. Do not ask for exposers or Doms in the main public chat. You may ask people privately (so they can expose you on OTHER SITES) but if I see you asking in public Ill ban you without warning. Again this is because the site is for exposing yourself, not having others do it.

4. Doms/Masters/Mistresses/Exposers/etc must be ready and willing to verify their identiy. This means showing your face holding something saying followed by your username. If you are not willing to do this, you are not welcome to the site. Masters/Mistresses come here using fake images, making fags think they are someone they are not. Then asking the fags to send them money or naked pictures. This rule is in place so all fags on this site know who is asking them for their pictures/etc.

5. Some fags/slaves are into giving out account access. Under no circumstances are you to give out your password to If you make your password easy enough that someone can guess it, or you give out your password and someone who is not you uses your account and uploads media. YOU will be responsible for all media uploaded, and will have to pay the fee if you want any removed. Also if the media is off people without their permission, the blame will go directly to you. MAKE SURE YOUR ACCOUNT IS SECURE. USE A STRONG PASSWORD.

6. Teamviewer and blackmail….Trust me, no one on this site wants to login to your stupid computer and look at your ugly pictures. People asking others to control their computers or blackmail in public chat will be banned instantly. – Ask this is the groups, or in private.

7. Exposedfaggots was created for the faggots that crave exposure, their main goal in life is to be exposed to the world as a faggot. If you are shy, scared or need someone to talk you into being exposed. You are on the wrong site.

8.Fags are allowed to link to sites in chat with their images and videos, but under no circumstances are any Temporarily exposed sites allowed to be linked. Exposedfaggots is for permanent exposure only.



I get it, it’s much funner, and way more thrilling to be exposed by someone else.. why would you want to do it yourself? You can thank all those that complain for this rule.
Faggots will get people to post their content on this site, then after a few days they will regret it. They will come to me saying they didn’t give permission or some other reason why I should remove it. It’s just a headache and not worth my time.

The only way to have someone else expose you on THIS site is by purchasing an exposure package.



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Stephen Johnson
15 hours ago

Anyone on teamviewer

tiny peepee
1 day ago

I’m a closet sub beta. Don’t want to be totally outed. But as a sub queer, this site provides tangible vulnerability, fear I suppose that maybe a dominant will acquire my info, proof in photos. That scary need is fulfilled here. The roll of the dice.

Peter Shackleford
2 days ago

I love to peruse this website while playing with my nipples, with a little wet spot in my underpants.

Maresi Simon Amery
5 days ago

The site offers really a great service. But maybe ther could be a reblog mechanism for BDSMLR.COM as well?

Gino Meerders
5 days ago

Hi im new, i want to be exposed and be huniliated sirs and mistresses….im not oit and nobody knows im a dirty little fag. Kik me on Gino026 or skype me on [email protected]

5 days ago

Kik him at strathylad91

mark kessler
7 days ago

Mark Kessler

Sascha Mayer
7 days ago

Sascha mayer

Sascha Mayer
7 days ago


Andrew Foalima
7 days ago

Hey I’m new

Murray James
8 days ago

Love the site, a great place for us faggots…..

Ben Gross
9 days ago

Hello all my name is Beng.

10 days ago

I’ve just recently joined and I need to be EXPOSED. I crave the attention and I’m the biggest cumslut with a tight ginger hole for breeding. I need to be your cum dumpster and I want to be everybody’s cum dumpster. Please feel free to SHARE and EXPOSE me masters and sirs

Crystal Chaos Chaos
11 days ago

I am an attention whore. this site is great!

Tom Rice
12 days ago

Hello, recently joined here. I have read the rules and think I understand them Sirs.
I’m a 28 year old nasty pig fag from the UK. Not sure what else to say or do yet.

Hardy Wender
14 days ago

Ok, feel free to share me

Jasmine Elle
14 days ago

Hi im jasmine a cumdump from the uk x

18 days ago

Please use the fag with tiny cock

Brian Campbell
19 days ago

Hi guys! Horny fag here

If anybody wants to chat Kik me at SubmissiveBoi69 and let me know where you saw me!

Simon Köchli
20 days ago

Hi im Simon/Julia im a 18j old sissy from schwizerland finaly exposing my selfe just how i deserve it

20 days ago

I love it to gape my ass

Justin Keith Anglin
20 days ago

Hope Everyone is having a good night!!!

Onur Unal
21 days ago

Hi everyone!

faggot for expose
21 days ago

expose my dirty faggot face

Naomi Youknow
22 days ago

I want to be exposed

Gustavo gomez bernal
24 days ago

Thank you for participating … it is a very good faggot page.

Larry Normann
24 days ago

I’m so horny

Laurenz Baars
26 days ago

faggot laurenz baars

Desiree Long
27 days ago

Like this pic

faggot for expose
29 days ago

i’m a nasty faggot for expose

Larry Normann
29 days ago

Expose me

Dirk K
Dirk K
1 month ago

Ich möchte der nächste sein mit aussetzt möchte eine belichtung haben wer meldet sich bei mir

Laurenz Baars
1 month ago

Laurenz Baars

1 month ago

heat has me horny

Ray Bernal
1 month ago

i want an expose fag id

inactive Here
1 month ago

i just want to Thank You for this site allowing me to open up and become the faggot i always knew i wanted to be

Dirk K
Dirk K
1 month ago

Ich möchte über skype exposed werden wer meldet sich und mich zu exposen meine skype Adresse ist zeigesau
Wer meldet sich hab poppers auch bereit

Dirk K
Dirk K
1 month ago

De Telefon 017629069035
Bin ne sau mus gezeigt werden

Dirk K
Dirk K
1 month ago

Wer exposed mich über skype
Zeigesau ist skype Name

William Lemay
1 month ago

Thank you for allowing me to join

1 month ago


Asian Exposed
1 month ago


1 month ago

Hello, Sirs! i am a mature loser faggot in the WashingtonDC/BaltimoreMD area seeking exposure! PLEASE!

Hanu Anu
1 month ago

Faggot here

Clay Brown
1 month ago


DougAube the Faggot
1 month ago

craigslistFaggotExposures born 7/5/62 fayetteville NC Doug Aube: Born 7/5/62 Fayetteville NC,. Former man turned OUT sissy bitch boi in Myrtle Beach SC. Doug graduated from Myrtle Beach High school class of 1980 but Failed to be a man…choosing to wear panties and tampons and perfume, DougAube loved sucking Cock and Swallowing Strangers Sperm so much that Now Doug Aube Needs to be PUBLICALLY EXPOSED anywhere men Need Blowjobs. 843-246-0286. Please help use Doug, Humiliate Doug with NON-FUCKINGSTOP Faggot Exposure!!!!! Both in your public spaces…rest areas, truck stops, dogging spots, ABS & Pornstores…write name, number, info on stall walls etc. AND… Read more »

Don Willis
1 month ago

Thank You Master Ashton for making sure my exposure is permanent and i can’t delete or hide any of it. outed for life

faggot for expose
1 month ago

expose me

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