1. is for exposing YOURSELF only. This means creating posts about yourself, and only uploading your own pictures. The only way to get someone else to expose you on this site, is to purchase an exposure package or give A vip member written permission.
  2. Do not ask for exposers or Doms in the main public chat. You may ask people privately (so they can expose you on OTHER SITES) but if I see you asking in public Ill ban you without warning. Again this is because the site is for exposing yourself, not having others do it.
  3. Teamviewer and blackmail….Trust me, no1 on this site wants to login to ur stupid computer and look at your boring arse pictures. People asking others to control their computers or blackmail in public chat will be banned instantly. – Ask this is the groups, or in private.
  4. Exposedfaggots was created for the faggots that crave exposure, their main goal in life is to be exposed to the world as a faggot. If you are shy, scared or need someone to talk you into being exposed. You are on the wrong site.
  5. Fags are allowed to link to sites in chat with their images and videos, but under no circumstances are any Temporarily exposed sites allowed to be linked. Exposedfaggots is for permanent exposure only.


I get it, it's much funner, and way more thrilling to be exposed by someone else.. why would you want to do it yourself? You can thank all the dumb faggots that complain and want their exposure taken down for this rule.
Fags get other fags/doms to expose them… then a few days later decide they don't like it and want the exposure down.
And I'm the one who has to put up with the sissy faggot complaining about the exposure.
This site is not my job, With all the new members the site gets, the more complicated and  expensive it is to run. The last thing I want is faggots complaining to me because others exposed them.

The only way to have someone else expose you on THIS site is by paying me to do it. I get it you fags are broke and don't want to pay. But this is so i'm not wasting my time. Even some fags that pay me to create exposures for them, after a few weeks want it taken down. Since they paid me to create it, I don't care I just delete it (for a fee) But say I used my time creating an exposure for a fag that didn't pay for it, then he decides it's too much and he wants it down…I just wasted all that time creating it for nothing.

Pretty much just don't use the public chat to ask others to expose you or remote control your computer, and you will be welcome here.

Feel free to ask any questions or leave any comments below regarding the rules



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As a faggot, I obey by the rules and feel a deep sense of respect for Master Ashton. Thank you for being in control, Master Ashton!


I m proud to be a Exposed fag. An I thank Master Ashton for exposing me at this side. The world should know, what a stupid fag I am.

Jenna Fab

thank you Master Ashton for being the Dominate Alpha you are

Faggot Camilla

I am a faggot that tries to expose myself in the right way according to the site(s) I am exposed on. I will not look for exposure take down as it defeats the purpose of exposure. I’m not really sure where all my stuff has ended up but that is the entire point 😀

I respect the rules laid down by Master Ashton – mm they haven’t really changed over the years.

Sissy stevenflewitt

I am proud to be an exposed faggot on this wonderful site and I can’t thank master Ashton enough for allowing us true faggots somewhere to expose and humiliate ourselves.


I put myself here and I also dont know or care who finds out about me. I deserve to be outed for being such a faggot. I love the rules as it help stop wasting Master Ashtons time with whining fags who decide they are not ready to be exposed.

Fag Luke

We’re you been dude you’re my favorite commentor on here


I am happy to be here and to show myself as I am.

Randaulf Scott

Sexy sissy

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