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The Admin and OWNER of I am a 30 year old shredded as fuck skateboarder! I’ve grown up abusing fags! It’s in my blood to expose you queers!  A lot of you faggots will already know me, or know about me as I have been in the Master/Slave scene for over a decade now! If you want something done right, I’m the guy to get it done! This is not a financial domination site, but if you want me to use my skills to benefit you, you must pay for it.

Before I got into exposing faggots fulltime, I would make solo videos, and xxx videos with my girlfriend and was/am also a cam model on with over 30k followers (

I then created my very own site to sell those videos. In learning how to maximize my profits from those videos I became VERY SKILLED in the art of online promotion and advertisement. After all, to get the most cash for my videos I would need to get the most EXPOSURE to my videos I could. This is why I am so good at exposing you faggots. This site was created from the ground up to make sure it’s relatively easy to get each and every one you fags exposures showing on the first page of google

I am the ONLY Owner/Admin of  Be careful of people pretending to be me
The only email I use with this site is

Twitter suspended my accounts alow check here for the updated ones.

My only skype account is rippedxxx
My very own pay site for my videos is

I will never email you or contact you via twitter asking you to purchase something.
If you email me I will respond, but I will never you first.
I have more then enough fags paying me to do  stuff.

I do not go out of my way to find new fags. They come to me.


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