When you joined the site, you had to agree to the terms and conditions which state that the site is free to use, but not to leave.

During the sign up process you have granted this site and anything to do with this site a licence to use any image of yours that you upload to this site.
In order to terminate this licence you must purchase the $50 account removal as agreed to when joining the site. 

All prices are in USD

Uploaded pictures that are not published

$12.50 Per picture / $35 for all pictures

This option removes pictures you uploaded, but never inserted into an exposure.

Exposure Removal

$35 per exposure 

This option will remove one exposure, and all the pictures in the exposure.

This goes for published, and non published exposures.

Public exposure agreements, and official faggot pictures are classed as exposures.

Exposure Edit

$30 per exposure

This option will have Admin edit your exposure. Say you want to keep the exposure, but have some pictures or info removed from it. This is the option from you.

Remove Account

$ 50

This option removes your entire account and everything you ever uploaded with your account.


If you want more then one exposure removed, you might want to consider upgrading your account. This will give you the ability to remove as many as you make.

Accepted payment methods are:

Transferwise.com (This is the easiest and preferred method)
amazon.com.au giftcard

Contact masterashton admin on this site to arrange payment.

If someone posted your pictures without your permission, and you want them removed click here

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