All new members joining the site, must provide an electronic signature stating they have read, and agree to the terms of the site.
Everytime you create a new exposure, you must also sign it with an electronic signature.
Important: You must sign with your full legal name. Using a fake or stage name is considered a criminal offence.
These signatures will not be visible on the site, only on the backend to the admin (Admin MasterAshton).
You may use stage names in the exposures, but you must sign your real name.
Free members exposures are still not getting published for the time being, but we are very confident they will be in the very near future.

Also, people that purchase exposure packages will be required to electronicly sign a document stating they are using their own pictures, and know the rules/risks.


Signature field on the sign up page.


Signature filed on the exposure form.


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Great!!! Right!!!!

sophie sissy ho

perfect and no sissy can cry now saying that they havent know the rules

Vivian Tootinyforher

Thank you Master Ashton for finding a solution to keep this site running! Now you will have all the real names of us sissies to expose us forever. Great!


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