Well guess what?  I’m back again because I have no self control over my inner slut.  Every time I get horny, it takes over me and this happens 😉


I did this photo shoot and I loved every second of it. Few things get me harder than having pictures taken of me.   But I’m gonna make this a little more interesting and provide some fun captions that I think add to the enjoyment 😉



Initial Breach. 😉 All fags know this feeling well.  When his cock pushes into your asshole barrier for the first time 😉




“I’m not sure what I just got into” face.  His cock is so big and you aren’t sure you can handle it all. But he doesn’t care.  You are just a hole for him to fuck. And he isn’t going to stop for you.

“From pain to pleasure”.   This is the face fags make when they start to fully accept their roll.  They embrace the use and abuse and are thankful for every thrust that is given to them.


No caption for this one. But I am sooo glad I could get a shot of this.  I’m fucking my ass really hard and I loved it so much I actually smiled a bit 🙂  I really just need something fucking my hole all the time 😛


“When he shoves his cock into your throat and you weren’t ready for it”

Yeah you will struggle to take his cock at first.  But with some time and patience, he will loosen your throat pussy up.  But it starts here. With embracing the feeling of inferiority.


Don’t forget to message me on Skype at jaybrock527@gmail.com or kik at jaybrock531 and tell me I’m a good fag slut.  I love hearing it and it never gets old. 🙂



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1 year ago

sexy fag

3 years ago

Would you be willing to let me keep that cunt licked clean?

sissy josephine
sissy josephine
3 years ago

you are a nice faggot

Wayne F Wallace
Wayne F Wallace
3 years ago

I’m all top and would love to eat your hole than fuck you for a long time.

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