fagslaverory is a 62 year old fag slave, born a fag and will die a fag. It is well trained in the rules, behavior and conduct  of Master/Alpha and submissive/slave and it knows to the  very core of its being that it is a fag slave. it is a very exhibitionist fag exposing itself  over the internet as well as the  neighborhood  where it lives. As faggots body, not its thoughts are interest  most Alphas, faggot will describe it. it is 6″1″ 170 lbs white boi. naturally moderate  hairy, it likes to shave its body as a form of submission. It has a nice 7.5 cock (real not gay measurements)  and an average pair of balls. it is reputed to be a good cocksucker and its soft moist ass hole is ready at a moments notice. its purpose in life is the make Master happy and  when he isn’t rround, make the nearest Alpha  happy.

https://photos.app.goo.gl/mKC3Fa7wNHGVbajQAfaggot exposes itself

Only Masturbates for Masterhttps://rogercecil.absolutely.exposed/exposed/

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11 months ago

Thank you. All fags need to be exposed and and fag slave rory is no different.
Let the whole know: RORY IS A FAG SLAVE

Hardy Wender
11 months ago

I love your pics, you are a great hot fag

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