My real name is Franco Accorsi, I’m a decadent homosexual and I like to dress as a woman and to perform in public with eye-catching lipstick, glamorous earrings and my BALD head and when people understand that I am a transvestite, I get all aroused! I love to be exposed all over the world!

After my retirement, in agreement with my man, we started this path that led me to reveal myself completely as a transvestite, and to top it off even bald!
I live in a small town, in the north of Tuscany, so you can imagine how I quickly became “famous”!
My man then discovered that exposing myself in public like that, makes him very excited, and therefore always pushes me to do more. In addition to taking care of my head, shaving the little hair I have on my temples, massaging and polishing my bald head so that it is very noticeable.

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