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When it comes to having your content exposed on there are only two options.

You create the exposure yourself, or you purchase an exposure package paying me to do it for you.

No matter which option you choose, the exposure will be permanent and require a fee to be paid if you want it removed.

The table below will show some positives and negatives for each option


Your Plan

Disk Space




Email Accounts

Email Accounts

Email Accounts

Email Accounts

Email Accounts

Email Accounts



Option 1

creating the exposure yourself

it's free

You must create it your self

You must wait for approval

Exposure must meet minimum requirements to get approved

approval can take days, most likely weeks.

Option 2

paid exposure package

everything is created for you.

not having to worry about meeting requirements

skip the queue. exposure packages are published within 24hrs

exposures are created with maximum search engine visiblity 

Custom url.  (

Have a full page dedicated to your exposure

sign a paid exposure contract

exposure shared to twitter and other sites!

Pictures and videos will be converted to small file size

exposure is harder to remove

you have to pay. although for some this is a plus 

more expensive to remove. again a plus for some


The only way to get an exposure package is by messaging me on this site directly here, or to my email The sites Twitter account is @outedfags
Be careful of scammers pretending to be Admin or staff

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manfred Strack
1 day ago

perverted german sissy faggot to be exposed and humiliatet

2_transenschlampe3 (2).jpg
Aaron McClain
2 days ago

Hey all. I’m a slut for cum

Jan Writh
4 days ago

I feel so horny being exposed and being allowed to show the world what bitch I am. Thank you so much Master Asthon

Jacob Samuels
6 days ago

I truly need the fear of being posted on a site where I can not freely remove what I have chosen to reveal about myself. Lord help me.

stupid pig
10 days ago

Im so greatful Master Ashton made this site for me to expose myself!

Lawrence Sheldon
17 days ago

bowing at your feet

Michael Bishop
Michael Bishop
20 days ago

All I want is COCK! I want to suck it and guzzle cum!

tiny peepee
21 days ago

For me permanent vulnerability is more enticing than total outing. The knowing some things I’ve posted are “out there” and I can’t go back and undo those compromising images and real info without great effort. And even those efforts may be hopeless. Queer in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. The tiny penis is a curse.

Fort Walton Beach Florida Queer.jpg
Last edited 21 days ago by tiny peepee
Jacob Samuels
23 days ago

OMG, I’ve got enough points. I’m now a Dung Detective. Truth be known, I’m a Dung Diner. I chew, swallow and enjoy dung for my Master’s pleasure.

tiny peepee
25 days ago

Anyone else play semi alpha for public, friends. and family to see? But reality is closet queer with a tiny penis. Love amateur photography and adventure. Adore women’s company and beauty. But I’m queer.

Last edited 25 days ago by tiny peepee
29 days ago

Wanking faggot Martin_Hauger

Justin Smith
29 days ago

Humiliation and degradation loving fag slave.

David Andrade
1 month ago

hey all
24 year old sub faggot exposing myself 🙂

1 month ago

I am submissive closet sissy husband and I wear sissy clothes to meet men who humiliate and degrade me for their amusement

Kyle Harris
1 month ago

Faggot craves recognition. Will eat load of anyone who recognizes me, anywhere, anytime. Need pimp to whore me out. Txt 505-373-6520 Tucson AZ

Steven yoo
1 month ago

I like cum

William byrd
1 month ago

Seeking the ultimate unconditional exposure,let’s totally expose each other,lmk if anyone is interested, absolutely no limits here

Cody Doherty
1 month ago

Curity diapers

Cody Doherty
1 month ago

Anyone diaperboy out there expose me his thick Curity cloth diaper, the ones that are size 21” X 40” with the zagged ends with the blue or black Curity label on it.

Jack fag
1 month ago

hi everyone, i’m a faggot wanting to be e exposed

tiny peepee
1 month ago

Still fight being queer, still mostly in the closet, but I do still play dangerously with outing risks at times. Getting older, queerer, and my penis is getting smaller despite my battle. Sometimes I get bold and post my Facebook link on my profile. Curious how it feels to have a total stranger know all while my normal friends think I’m “normal.” Getting that friend request and accepting not knowing that they know. Permanent friend now because deleting could be risky.

Florida Queer.jpg
Last edited 1 month ago by tiny peepee
Pavel Polski
1 month ago

Faggot slave for Mistress Alex 🙂

Todd Jones
1 month ago

Looking for some bb fun in the San francisco area

George Turner
1 month ago

Georgie Turner, mature CD

Szell Laszlo
1 month ago

Hello everyone My name Széll László I from Hungary, I am a cumdump,cocksucker faggot

Adonis Charles
1 month ago


Wayne Kirby
1 month ago

hi there

Adrian Ramos
1 month ago

Expose me

1 month ago

It is about time I identify mtself

Faggot martinlouis ID card.jpg
1 month ago

Hi 🙂 i havent been on in ages

Michael Ryan
1 month ago

Hi All. New here.

1 month ago

Kik bottom10101 fag

Vladimir Favabko
1 month ago

Hello everybody

photo (3).jpg
Denise Purdy
2 months ago

i’m a little limp clitty sissy fagforBBC

2 months ago

Hi everyone

676_1000-1-225x300 (1).jpg
2 months ago

hey laszlo – have a nice day

Szell Laszlo
2 months ago

good morning,exposedfaggots


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