Hello. I am Nicholas from Hong Kong.

I am a fat fag with a useless locked up clitty


I discovered chastity many years ago and it immediately clicked with me. Once i took the plunge and locked into a cage, it just felt amazing! Having my little clitty locked up and useless felt so great and natural to me.

Im now going on my 3rd year locked, Its also so easy to maintain despite my busy life, and i forsee this continuing far into the future, if not permanently 😉


I love sharing myself online for others and showing how much of a fag I truly am. It gives me such a rush knowing that anything i share can be further spread and shared by others and Ive come to truly love being exposed!


Future goals:

Continue to be exposed and spread by as many as possible

Full circumcision to allow more secure chastity cage or even belt to be used permanently with no hygiene issues

Serve my superiors in person for their pleasure

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Bottom usa
Bottom usa
1 year ago

Very nice. Im a faggot just like you. But you have to remove all that hair. I use some cream i bought on line. Put it on, wait 12min and wipe it off. All the hair comes right off. Start using srinkage cream, it really works. And put the tits in a bra. Start training them to look like real boobs. I have real nice B cup tits. I always were panties and a bra. Your tits will form nice over time. I used a breast pump as well. I dont know if you have a lot of black men… Read more »

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