Matthew Thompson, the exposed, ruined, public-access cum dumpster from Eureka, California.

cell# 714-366-4527, kik: xmeatxpuppetx

Castrated in June 2020, the balls you see here are fake implants.  Since then he has been unable to get hard or get off.  The last cumshot of his life was the night before the surgery.  The last time he ever fucked was October 2019, and that was a goat.

Cucked by his wife, who threw him out in August 2019 after 10 years and had a new guy half Matt’s age move in barely two months later.  They enjoy sending Matt mocking texts about all the sex they have.

Matt has been exposed far and wide, turned into a public access slut by his online mistress.  He’s been outed to family, friends, coworkers.  They all have access to his exposure sites:

His Xhamster (now with over 20,000 profile views)

His Motherless (where he has become a shit-eating toilet slave and nearly 40.000 people have seen him eating his own shit)

His Fetlife Profile (where he’s easily discoverable by local pervs)

His new Twitter (where he is exposed daily)

With no balls, Matt no longer has any sex drive.  But he’s become so exposed that all the local pervs know just how to reach him.  A well-trained sissy faggot, his mouth and ass are used regularly by local dudes on the prowl for a hole to dump a load into.  Cum, piss, or shit, Matt will take whatever they want to give him.

This is his life now, a ruined toilet cum dumpster for anyone who wants to use him.  Not a day goes by that he doesn’t get new messages from pervs looking to use him.

This ruined, exposed faggot has become public property.  And there is no going back.

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Location: Lakeview Circle TEXAS
PH: 972-816-2769
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