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Fag Sissy


Melbourne Victoria AU




28 – 35

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Sissy fag can’t stop now I have Become such a sensitive person I am barely a man at all I just wanna dress up and feel sexy so I’m 30yo and male married with kids and all that but my problem is I have been secretly crossdressing for the past 6 years and the last 3 put of them years I have started to crave it every day

Now I’m on hormones and have real boobs and I have made my cock so small it doesn’t even get hard any more I cum from anal and spend much of my time dressed up at all the public toilets near my house and have fun licking the urinal and putting my boy clothes in q bag and throwing them on the roof it’s the greatest rush I have ever had waiting to be caught dressed as a sissy slut with no way out I am currently trying to get exposed as my friends and family have no idea I will be very happy  performing on cam sending pix even if you want to share my photos with friends to laugh at or maybe you just want to ruin some faggot that’s me need to become a meme and famous online and social media thanks


Jake le jake d'sissy

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