James Smith

Personality Type

Depends on my mood


Grand rapids Mi 49503, US


Grand Rapids


28 – 35

About me

I am a fat diaperfag. I get hard thinking about someone drugging me so I pass out, kidnapping me for a week, or maybe more and humiliating me while they have me.
My greatest fantasy is to be drugged, and then while I’m out sugafixed to a bed with a huge inflatable wolf tail plug up my ass and a chastity cage, with plug in on/my dick. For a day my captor fucks me at will while wearing a knot sheath. For the next two days my captor force feeds me with a funnel food that will just turn into a ton of shit. Then after that they give me a gallon enema, soapy and oily through a giant, inflated enema plug, up my ass sealed so that nothing gets out.

Then they take me to a park or the mall where they deflate the enema plug and lead me around on a leash while waiting for me to release it, all the while recording it for themselves and with a GoPro hooked to my shortalls.

I want them to have me look like such a diaperfag while I’m there, I want;
Chastity cage: locked.
Catheter: inserted.
Inflatable enema plug: inserted, in force belt and thin enough (deflated) to shit around but not while inflated.
Diapers: 15+ layers.
Onesie that says “Diaper loading” with a brown progress bar: worn and visible by all.
Shortalls: locked on.
Binky: locked in mouth.
Mittens: thick and locked on hands.
Wrists and Ankles: spread with a spreading bar.

After that they take me to their home where some of their “friends” are waiting, and strap me to a chair, in the diapers. They dose me with lsd while force-feeding me piss, shit and cock while making me watch what he made me do while humiliating me about how even though he kidnapped me he only made me do what I professed to want in the first place. They make me watch while they upload the video anywhere they want. After that my captor spends the next two days dosing me with psychotropics that make me suggestable while using me and making me listen to whatever hypnofiles they want me to.

The seventh day passes much like the first day.





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