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My name is Jeffrey Rossman and I live in Connecticut. I want the world to know I am coming out of the closet and publicly admitting I am a homosexual sissy faggot and that I love being with boys. My family and friends have no idea I have always thought of myself more as a girl and that I have always found myself staring at handsome guys. When I go shopping at women`s clothing stores, I smile when I see women looking at me as I pick through panties, bras, and pantyhose. Even though I am polite to girls, they don`t know I shave my legs or that I wear panties and pantyhose underneath my male attire. I love sitting with boys and seeing what happens if I should place my hand on a boy`s lap. If he lets me feel him getting stiff, then I know all will be right with the world. And if he should ask if I`d like to go somewhere with him for some privacy, when we arrive I will undress so he can see me in my panties and pantyhose. Then when I undress him and see he is stiff and hard, then I`ll know what he wants me to do and, of course, I will suck his penis, tongue his balls and prove to him that I am, indeed, all the sissy faggot he wants and desires. Please feel free to expose me so that everyone knows Jeffrey Rossman from Connecticut is coming out as a sissy faggot queer.

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