Larry Boor


Arizona 85234, US


Gilbert, AZ


36 – 50


About me

I started dressing when i was 11 with moms phose! Once i Put them on my clitty got instantly hard! Later on I found her dildos and knew exactly where they needed to go hee heeee! Ive played the Alpha role publicly my whole life even to this day! I joined the Marines then later got married etc…! I always wore my wife’s lingerie when she was gone and played! After my Divorce my metamorphosis into a sissy has kind of exploded! I have more lingerie than most women and have played with a couple sissies so far and OMFG its AMAZING! I am looking for women and other SEXY SISSIES ONLY!!!! NOOOOOO MEN NO MEN NO MEN!! Sorry just not into masculinity in any way!

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