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Regently, my wife found my exposures, and told me that she had to remind herself several times while reading the following text that she was furious, brcause reading everything below made her uncontrollably horny. So now, I am locked into my tiny chastity cage, and I am allowed to embrace my pathetic faggot cuckold desires for real. I will never use my tiny dick to have sex. I will not be on control of my own orgasms from here on out. I will be allowed to continue embarrassing myself online for her and any future alpha’s amusement, and if anyone we know ever brings it up, I am expected to answer honestly that I get off to never being allowed to get off like a man. That I get off to having disgusting and embarrassing photos and videos of myself online. That I get off to being reminded daily that I’m a filthy faggot pisspig. And it’ll be my responsibility to field any and all questions about my disgusting and pathetic fetishes, because I’m the loser cuck who gets off to all of it. So please, enjoy the following text which signaled my decent into depravity, for which I could not be happier or feel more complete as a ‘person’ over:

If you found your way here from Google, then likely you know me in real life, and you wanted to see some form of proof of the pictures you received, and after searching ‘Andrew Kodesch Faggot’ found this link.


This is me admitting that yes, I am a pathetic little faggot cuckold whore who dreams of being in permanent chastity and whored out to massive dicked alpha males. Yes, I love being an exposed little slut and knowing that I’m permanently exposed makes my little sissy clitty rock hard!
Tiny Dick Faggot Whore In Pure Bliss
While you’re here, take the time to marvel at my pathetic fetish, at how I love being humiliated, how being an exposed faggot slut is more sexually gratifying than actually sticking my tiny dick in anything!

Dirty Panty Fag

Feel free to ridicule me for being a disgusting little fag toilet. Here I am wearing 4 day old panties, reeking of stale piss and cum, on my face so I can deeply breathe in my own filth while I finger fuck my boipussy. I love reminding myself of my toilet role this way, so that I’m only allowed to cum when I can smell piss and cum!


And if you know me, send me a message saying the text ‘Cock Zombie’ and no matter if it’s friend, family, or stranger, I’ll send a response of ‘Yes Daddy’ to verify it really is me. That’s how much I’m willing to ruin my life in pursuit of being the ultimate urinal, cumdump, and toilet paper I can be for Alpha males and their superior massive cocks.


Attached are the pictures the person sent to prove beyond a doubt that it really was my tiny cocklet you saw, and that yes I willingly signed up for sites like this knowing it was only a matter of time before my sissy faggot princess desires became public knowledge.

Faggot ManifestoShowing Boipussy

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