Nothing makes me happier, than being a girl.  I dream of living full time as a sissy girl / wife to a real man, every morning I want to wake up in a bedroom made for a princess. There’s a little seat with a table and mirror where I do my make up. I love perfecting my look, I could spend hours getting ready making sure I look pretty for my man. Having my own is very important to truly accept myself as a real sissy girl.  I am needy and insatiable, like a little sissy bitch should be and sometimes I need to be spanked accordingly. Pink is naturally my favorite color, I’m obsessed with being dressed and dolled up in the cutest feminine

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outfits, I like to do be dressed so feminine and undeniably sissy. Dressing this way constantly reminds myself and instantly lets others in public know my place in life, that I am a sissy and my sole purpose is to please men.

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12 days ago

Very sexy.i need a passport too

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