28 year old sissy faggot who deserves to be exposed and humiliated.  I realized I could never be a real man so I accepted my fate and gave into being feminized and become the obedient and submissive faggot I am today! Been on hormones for 10 months as of Sept 2021. I also love to wear diapers act like the baby bitch I am. I also like being turned into a sissy puppy for people to laugh at while I bark and do tricks. I exposed myself to my ex and begged her to let me pay her and become her sissy slave. She accepted and I currently obey and serve her and her new man by paying her and humiliating myself for their pleasure.

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1 year ago

wow you make a very pretty and a very pretty baby girl!

Kevin Kriszio
1 year ago

Very pretty ♡

1 year ago

You’re a pretty sissy slut!! I love your little titties. They should be exposed, in person, as often as possible. And a feminine bikini bottom so everyone can see your cock bulge. Everyone will laugh and giggle knowing you are a sissy. The humiliation will make your bulge bigger and your nipples hard only adding to your embarrassment. I love you sissy! Be a sissy slut to your ex wife! And don’t forget to thank her when she let’s you suck her new man’s cock!!

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