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Master Ashton Sir,

Yesterday morning (early 12/31/21), I was a naughty little fag and made my first piss video (not first time I pissed on myself but first time I attempted to capture on video, I haven’t even watched it yet), however in making this video in the middle i came on my own chest, face & hair (my first release in 15 days & wasn’t intentional, planned or expected), I took this picture after stopped the video.  My hair and face still wet with my own piss & my cum drying on my face & hair. 





April robins is a 5’10” 220#, married bisexual submissive sissy CD from DFW, Texas

This sissy is quite the kinky fuck! He/she (LOL) dreams of being gangbanged, kidnapped and sold at auction! LMAO.
Maybe some members on here can start bidding on this sissy, doubt the bids will go over $50 LOL



April robins would love nothing more then to have strangers come up to her telling her they know her secret, and “be careful what you wish for little girl” before taking her out bush and making her suck and fuck them! 




Email: sissysubcd4top@gmail.com

Phone: 413.247.4779   aka 413.bi sissy

KiK: sissyLuVslave69

Bdsmlr: https://sissysubcd4top.bdsmlr.com/

Secondlife: subCD4Top

SissySubCD4Top on all the following: BBDungeon.com, DoubleList!, ExposedFaggots & fagmaster.com, recon & squirt

www.men4sexnow.com: subboytoy

twitter: @sissysub69chris

Tumblr: https://slave4love69.tumblr.com/

Location: DFW, Texas United States




This cock sucking sissy, gave me a whole list of Fetishes and Interests to include. But I know most of you give a shit about that, you just wanna laugh at this sissies pathetic pictures LMAO.

For those weird cunts that actually care, here is a small part of the list!




Being sold at an auction

Groped in public

Being kidnapped

Sissy hypnosis videos

Being a sissy whore / prostitute

“slut” as a term of endearment


Tattoos (especially sexually oriented tattoos)

See my results online at http://bdsmtest.org/result.php?id=145643


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Minura Pasanjith Samararatna Kodikara Kankanamge

Love this, how does this exposure pops up like a pop up message/ad on front page?

10 months ago

Expose this faggot

1 year ago

WoW! HOT! Exposure… thanks for sharing yourself… accepting who you are

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