Gerhard Ralf

Extreme Fag Slave

26316 Varel in Germany/Niedersachsen

Mail: extrem-maso@gmx,de

Mobil: 0151-19192663

Twitter: Extremmaso

In skype: extremstsklave

Exposedfaggots: gerhard ralf


Gerhard Ralf Klöver is a pathetic loser faggot, he loves nothing more than sniffing poppers going on cam and putting the largest dildos up his ass that he can find!

He has multiple mistresses and Masters that boss him around and control him on camera.

But this faggot is so pathetic he will let other faggots give him orders


Gerhards Mistress ordered him to sniff poppers and have an exposure created with all his personal details making it very brutal and ruthless. He’s such a cock sucking loser faggot he knows he deserves everything he gets from this.  If he wasnt caged up right now, he would be jerking his cock like no tomorrow




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Mike Meier
5 days ago

geile sklavensau

andere demyer
2 months ago

You are in my live new,

andere demyer
2 months ago

Will play togeder, with you ,gerard

3 months ago

Wonderfull and exciting exposure , it would be so fun to serve Master with you dear

andere demyer
4 months ago

Hello dear,,,

Maid Carolin
11 months ago

Kinky Faggot Slut, so it should be!

Slut Jim
Slut Jim
1 year ago

wonderful pictures – would love to see more of them

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