Francois Mouton
Aka Sissy Sophie

Location: quebec
Age – A lot younger than she looks
Ph: Cant afford a phone
Email; Dosnt know what email is

February 7

Its been a few weeks since I’ve updated this dipshits exposure, You may be wondering what has the faggot been up to?  LOL just joking, no one gives a shit about this faggot, no one has been thinking about it LOL. This dipshit so pathetic, all its been doing the last few week is sniffing glue, smoking meth and going broke paying for exposure.  Recently dipshit trash saw Paul Greenwells latest exposure about him losing his job, her little dick instantly got as hard as its been in years, and that’s not very hard LOL.  Its legit her dream to be as ruined as paul is, and lose her job and be 100% useless.  Imagine if dipshit Sophie lost her job, that would mean no meth, no cat food, and of course no attention from anyone LOL. Just like Paul no one gives this bitch any attention unless she pays her fagtax, and alot of the time she cant even pay for attention she really is the definition of trash.  Having anything at all in common with paul greenwell really shows you what a piece of this faggot is. Ofcourse she wouldn’t have it any other way. For as long as she can remember shes been paying to get trashed while smoking meth and sniffing glue. This is the only thing that brings the faggot joy.  All her real-life friends, and family have disowned her. She legit has nothing except her cat and meth pipe. Not even her cat likes her, since dipshit eats all its food while sniffing glue LOL./ The funniest thing is when the maggot runs out of meth, she starts losing the plot and gets angry at everyone, getting upset because her life is ruined . When reality hits, and she realizes what a pathetic piece of shit she is, she cant handle it. So she does whatever she can for reality not to set in. Meth just isnt enough anymore, this fag is way too far gone. Thats why you see this faggot sniffing glue, eating cat food and ofcourse licking her toilet and sucking on her own shit like a lollipop. Nothing is low enough for this faggot, she would be right at home living at the dump covered in people’s garbage. As long as she had her meth pipe, and a way to pay for exposure she would be comfortable hahaha. Ive had this site for over 10 years and met many many many truly pathetic faggots, but none even come close to sissy sophie. There really is no way to describe what a piece of shit she is. I guarantee as soon as she reads this, shes going to print it out, stick it on her wall then smoke meth while stroking her clit reading it over and over and over.


Jan 23rd update.
As soon as I wake up and log into Skype dipshit sophie aka Francoi Mouton is messaging me begging for me to destroy her, to ruin her life. You know what this means, the glue-sniffing maggot has just got in a new shipment of meth LOL. The little sissy whore is always so quiet after she runs out of meth, prob sits in the corner contemplating what she has done with her worthless life, normally eating catfood as well since she has spent all her money on exposure and the meth she already smoked.  You will notice the stupid bitch regularly sniffs, glues, and licks her toilet. She does anything looking for a high when shes out of meth LMAO.  Now you may be thinking to yourself wow no wonder she looks an 80-year-old washed-up granny hooker.. but don’t be fooled this piece of shit looks a lot worse than that when you see her true self. What’s more disgusting than a 80 year old meth-addicted whore grandma? An 80-year-old washed-up meth-addicted faggot fucking grandpa with grey hair LOL. Either way, she is disgusting and lives for abuse. I have lost track of how many years ive been abusing Sophie, it must be coming up to the 10-year mark very soon. Imagine that, 10 years non-stop smoking meth and paying for abuse and whatever other disgusting kinks this piece of shit is into. Its actually quite impressive how she can keep it up.  Then again without any real-life friends, and having been dis owned by her family its all she has to live for, and she makes the msot of it. She also has a pet cat, ive seen the way cat looks at her on camera, in pure fear knowing this dumb bitch is going to smoke meth and then eat all its food. She is the definition of an exposed pathetic faggot and exactly the type this site was originally created for. The lowest of the low, the bottom-of-the-barrel loser faggots who live for nothing except exposure and being as low as they can. I guarantee this year this stupid fag once again will spend tens of thousands on exposure, and even more on meth LOL. I wonder how long she can last before she completely loses the plot. Time will only tell.








2024 update.

Minutes into 2024 this glue-sniffing piece of shit is already sending her fagtax for more exposure. Seeing me trash other losers in the got the lil bitch so high. She couldn’t resist but suck on her meth pipe while rubbing her client begging to join the fun and send her cash! This year she aims to go into as much debt as possible, shes already has 5 credit cards, another 5 wont hurt! Shes used to the taste of cat food, so going without food is no problem for this lil bitch. Shes filth so deserves to eat filth.  This sissy slut couldnt dream of a way better way to celebrate the new year, than to be getting trash by Master Ashton LOL A deadset loser, and exactly the kind of fag this site was made for!



Francois Mouton is the filthiest most pathetic desperate faggot you will ever lay your eyes on, she goes by the name Sissy Sophie but no one cares what its name is.

From now on ill refer to her as trash.  Most of you who frequent this site know about Paul Greenwell,
let me tell you this trash makes Paul Greenwell seem like a normal faggot.  

Trash is beyond fucked up, her life is beyond ruined. It may seem like I’m being rather harsh but trust me you cannot be harsh enough to this trash. This filthy desperate slut has spent 1000s upon 1000s over the years for me and others to trash her. She’s so incredibly lonely, her only friend is her crack pipe. She’s such a stupid filthy ugly crackhead that her family has disowned her, and no one would dare be her friend in real life. The only way for trash to get any attention is to pay people to trash her.. they don’t even want to waste their time degrading this trash for free, that’s how pathetic she is.


Trash owns a cat, and many times has had to resort to eating the cat’s food since Trash spent all her money on having people degrade and abuse her LOL.  Trash is on meth 24 7, so while shes high she has no grip on reality, spending all her money on exposure and eating cat food is nothing for her while she’s high.  Eating cat food is the tamest thing this trash does. Shes paid for people to abuse her for so many years, she has to go further and further humiliating and degrading herself to get off, she truly is fucked. Getting super glue and gluing her clit closed is nothing for this trash. Getting her cats bowl, shitting in it then taping the shit to her face while fucking her cunt with her biggest dildo is just an average day for this filthy stupid faggot. I 100% believe that trashes brain is made up of 50% shit and 50% meth. 

Its all fun and games for trash while she’s high, but when she runs out of money and runs out of meth and reality sets in, this faggot loses the plot big time.  Spending 1000s up 1000s just to eat shit and glue her dick hole closed while eating cat food LOL. Now shes broke and has nothing but a tiny dick and a huge gaping asshole to show for it.  At this point, trash has done this so long its all she knows. She will lose the plot go off at the very few people who speak to her, swear shes done with the exposure game for good and disappear for a week or 2. Then like every other faggot the stupid bitch comes back and does it all again craving it harder and harder begging for more and more. Trash will never get out of this loop,  and she knows it and is fine with it.  Some fags want to stop exposure, not trash. She lives and breathes exposure its her life and she wouldn’t have it any other way. 


These are the tamest pictures of trash. If I added some of the other pictures I have of this filthy faggot your eyes would be scared for life, and you would probably never want to visit this site again fearful you would see trashes pictures!




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Jarno de Boer
15 days ago

You are a motivation to become just a fag like you. You are amazing❤️

16 days ago

that is so true i know trash for almost 10yrs and shes the most fucked up meth junkie of all time. what a patheic lover as Master A right the perectt obituary for the lame cunt! 3 months from now she be in a prison being some inmates bitch!

Maid Carolin
1 month ago

horny bitch…!!

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