Galleries Update

You may have noticed when viewing the PEA or  official faggot galleries they take along time to load. Looking into this issue it’s because faggots have been uploading high quality scans or pictures straight from their phones. Sometimes these are 8 – 10mb in size. With hundreds of pictures in the gallery you can see why it takes forever to load. I have gone through the galleries and deleted the photos that have the biggest file size in an attempt to speed up the loading times. It’s still not much faster, so I will have to remove more photos.

If you uploaded to either gallery, go and check to see if your picture is still there if it has been deleted feel free to upload a new one. I have edited the upload pages so now images must be 800kb or under. If your image is above 500kb it will still appear to upload, but it will then automatically delete it self. Premium and VIP users do not have this restriction.

Oh, and the 500kb restriction is site wide, so if you upload photos over 500kb into exposures or the activity feed they will fail. Again premium and VIP users do not have this restriction

Image resizing

For those of you who are computer savvy, simply use the image program of your choice to resize the images before uploading. But for those dumb fags (most of you) I suggest using this online tool.
I have not tested using this site from a phone or tablet, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work.

After Uploading your picture to, you will see the options pictured below. Depending on the size of your image %50 smaller should be fine.. although some high quality photos will require you to choose something like %25 or %33.
You can also select the max file size. Again this is 500 kilobytes. Leave the image file as jpg.

I get this may be a pain in the arse for some faggots, but this will be temporary. I have already started the process looking for coders who can create scripts so that any image  size can be uploaded and the websites server will automatically rescale the image and make it the appropriate file size.  

When this is complete I will let you fags know.


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3 years ago


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