The spot on exposedfaggots has been sold, but those who missed out can bid for the spot on

In an attempt to help pay for the hosting costs of, we will be selling off the spot on the age verification page. This means you can put any non nude image of your choice and even some text and link that EVERYONE will see when they visit this site. Even if they visit this site by accident they will see your picture first.

You can rent the spot for a set number of months, or the whole year. If there is 2 fags that haven’t got much money yous can go halves and both have a picture on each side.
We have no set price, and instead will give the spot to the 1st queer that gives us a offer we like.  All offers must be in usd, and above $50.

If you are interested, you can either comment on this page. (make sure you are logged in, so we can reply) or you can send an email to putting the subject as imaqueer ageverification spot.
we accept payment via bitcoin, ppal and giftcards.

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Dumb Sissy to expose
4 years ago


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