Jarno de Boer
Takes any and all dicks 24 7
Address: 1055 Amsterdam, the Netherlands (new address as per March 5th).
Telephone: +621711472 only on fag id
Skype: scatfaggot
KIK: skidmark_rimmer
Birthday May 24, 1974
178/75/19 (cm)
Kicks: humiliation, exhibitionism, spanking, CBT, cumm, piss and scat.
Jarno de Boer is one kinky pathetic faggot. He loves to be naked wherever he can be, especially at bars or cruising areas! One of his favorite places to be a naked faggot is at Dirty Dicks at the Warmoestraat. He claims they do golden shower parties there in the evenings, and I believe the faggot, why else would such a loser be attending LOL.
This is from the fag himself
” Love to be in the bathtub and get drenched in piss. The First Saturday of the month is Meatmarket at Club Church at Kerkstraat (church street). Here bottoms are only allowed to be naked and get a bag over their head (white (safe only) or red (bare and safe) Subs can not refuse any top (or have to go home) tops come in later. I love the anonymous loads. The horse fair / Flickstutenmarkt at the Eagles has the same rules. Fucked and no refuse anonymously bare or safe by the color of the bag you get over your head”
Of course, for a faggot like Jarno de Boer getting pissed on isn’t enough,  This faggot also loves to be tied up and kicked the balls, Alphas with aggression are the best, no holding back on this loser. Gag him, chock him and make the faggot puke, he dosnt care he loves and craves it all. He knows as a lowly pathetic faggot its what he deserves, and he’s proud of it. Kick him in the balls, spit on him and make him eat your shit, he will thank you after its what he lives for. No matter what you look like, hang out your cock and this fag will suck it. Any and all cocks at all times. It’s his duty as a faggot
Again from the fag himself
“This is something to be proud of…. I love if there are other guys/man looking and laughing.
Like 99% of the fags I like to be used as a cumdump at gang bangs. I certainly do not mind getting fucked in public with whomever joining.
Thats me. No matter age weight skin cooler. A dick is a dick and it should be in me, loading me with piss and sperm.”
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mark kessler
17 days ago

sexy fag

dipshit Sophie
18 days ago

what a pathetic faggot , when you become a fucktoy and a full toilet it tell a lot of your level of degradation . lovely

Jarno de Boer
18 days ago

Thank you Master Ashton. Hopefully people call me soon

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