Philip Trainor

Personality Type

Fag Sissy


Belfast Down BT306GF, GB

About me

Im Anna a new sissy willing and ready to learn. Kinks I love to please others and can adapt. I enjoy a strong dominant to treat me alittle rough and know what they want and take it. They can take full control of me and help me to become the best sissy slut, servant I can be.

But its not all about my pleasure its about what they need which I always put first, I enjoy adapting to others kinks which leads me to not have very many limits that I know off. My experience so far has been limited to online and would love to explore further into this world. Im fresh meat perhaps some dominants prefer that as they can mould me into whatever they desire.

Kinks Sissification, Chastity, A bit of a slut for Anal play, giving up control, CBT, CEI, Verbal abuse, humiliation and loads more just ask happy to please.

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