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I need my ass pussy to be fuckd hard fast deep and filled with loads of cum from throbbing cocks that once they dump cum in my ass pussy they are shoved straight into my mouth from my ass pussy and back into ass and back into mouth and repeat until cum load dumped in me again mmmmmm if you’d like to fuck me like this please message me and I will be your very own no limits fuck toy slut to use as you wish do all those extreme acts you never thought anyone would let you do.


I am happy to provide any further personal details/info at any time
The thought of having to pay to remove account and media does scare me but in a good naughty exciting arousal way 😉
I identify best as transgender mtf but still spend most time as m yearning to be a girl and having girl time as rushed solo sissy dress up sessions …. I want to live as a woman full time but I need a little push here n there.

i need cock any cock man animal any cock

I honestly so sincerely need to become a woman permanently live as the girl inside I know I am.
I want to change my body permanently into a female body and I would serve as a sissy slut slave trans girly girl no limits whore to any Mistress who wants to own me and keep me as her living breathing fully obedient fuck doll sex toy anything anywhere anytime no limits on the number of users also double as a toilet cum dump piss drinking ass eating pussy cleaning ass eating toilet paper lick clean dirty feet or any part of body, totally obedient shoe sucking sissy maid for all uses, filming live streaming photography along with public sharing of content mandatory as I will publicly embrace my desires for womanhood, all uploads file shares always have my birth details including name places lived schools attended and places of employment current contact details and pictures as male self for easy confirmation of prior identity for maximum exposure and humiliation.

me Leon Francis Piccinin aka Emma Emily Piccinin born 7/April/1979 I so desire also to be known as the SissySexSlaveSlutTransEmmaPublicFucktoyWhoreSubmissiveObedintBitch.

I need a Goddess Mistress to worship serve and obey all day everyday for the rest of my life with my reward being provided as living every day as a girl 24/7
with support,encouragement,advice, girls talk, help connect with other women and become my true inner self my best girly girl lingerie loving always walking in 4-6inches of high heels,
daily outfits skirts/dresses never pants,stockings/tights over matching lingerie, singlets/tops jackets/jumpers sleeping in babydolls/slips pantyhose/knee high tights with garters
I am always in sexy clothes I even have special sexy bedtime high heels as I am girly girl guide ready to do anything anytime anywhere,
always ready to use my bouncy bubbly curvy body to serve satisfy clients and surprise my mistress with my commitment to my no limits service policy.
As use of myself earns income for Mistress it pays for all my girly girl life needs, wants, weekly shopping for high heels sexy outfits accessories makeup bags etc also paying for my full body physically transitioning into a female form, embracing femininity and entering womanhood.
I love the thought of being able to be my true inner female self, and full permanent 24/7 asap feminization bimbofication sensualisation complete and total physical mental & spiritual transition including full surgery and finally embrace myself in the right body a female body. I live in Australia.

i need to be permanently fully feminized start life as girly girl guided into womanhood by a Feminization Goddess Mistress who wants a 24/7 live in no limits sissy slut slave xxxx

I am so sick of being male, i hate life and just want to leave everything i know to become a girl, begin live in 24/7 feminization asap sissy slut slave life as fuck doll for hire for life with no limits helping fund my new life of sissification feminization and womanhood serving any willing and genuine Femdom Goddess i can admire and worship. I would obey without question any woman who would take me in under her guidance into womanhood, if you know of such a wonderous woman or women, female couples or groups would be suitable too. Please contact me and if want give out my details too, I am 100% serious and will sign my life away in a binding legal contract to fulfill the need to live as a slutty girly girl serving no thinking no limits.
I am Leon Piccinin have been cross dressing since age 9 and in recent years have concluded that I am transgender and I need to transition into womanhood otherwise I will be depressed for life.

I would love to have someone help me transition into womanhood, enforce living 24/7 as female and support me through surgery, I am willing to pay my way as serve as a no limits sissy slave slut live-in fuck doll maid whore. I wanna be hired out.

I love to dress up in women’s clothing, lingerie, heels and just have fun.
I have been dressing up since I was a young boy (and wishing I had been born a girl), started off with mum’s lingerie and clothes.
Then as a teenager I started to buy my own lingerie. Now I have a female wardrobe including heels, a wig, swimsuit, dresses, skirts, tops, lingerie and tights.
I have also accepted my bi-sexuality and have been playing with various toys, sissies and guys.
I would love to have a dress up session with someone else and also would love to play dress up with a group of girls,let them dress me up and venture out for a coffee.
I absolutely love women and I love eating pussy I do it before anything else happens in the bedroom xxx
i love to give the woman I’m pleasuring multiple orgasms with my mouth and soak up her juices xx
I am wanting to work from home as a trans no limits whore i do anything you want once price and payment arranged.
100% NO LIMITS use me as a living sex toy use me to do anything for 30 mins anywhere anyone anytime filmed etc all ok
i do whatever u want i am your living fuckdoll i always obey my owner fully obedient xxxxx +61492813153

As Emma I willingly evolved myself into a so intensely mind fucked no limits silly sissy slut girly gurl fuckdoll that I rubbed fingered and oiled my pussy and clitty for over 2 hours trying 2 cum
before accepting I have totally altered my mind revealing my sissy girly female self so now this sissy slut Emma cant get herself to orgasm and cum unless
I am wearing a sexy bra/thong lingerie set with stockings and high heels full makeup fully shaved/waxed body with my biggest anal plug stretching my pussy while watching sissy hypnosis porn.
i love eating cum so much that I want to soak myself in it all over my body and deep in every hole
i want to suck a horses cock until it cums I want to suck the cum load from a stud horse so i can cover my whole
body in hot cum and work it inside my holes, wipe it all over my skin through my hair everywhere lay about massaging it into myself as i wait for it to dry
then without showering or any freshening up of myself go about my life as normal for next 48rs hrs shopping, walking in public and visiting people with my body covered in a dried horse cum load
and if asked any questions and the answer must be the horse cum then i must tell the truth that i have a load of dried horse cum all over and in me.
my dream life job existence pimped out as a fuck toy a shemale slut whore only until I earn cash have surgeries finally get my own pussy to be filled xo
i want 3 holes for life being fucked by dildos and cocks strap-on mostly mmmm yep TransLezbian mmmm women are best xoxox

I love my mother so much I wanna fuck her hard fast and deep eat her pussy and ass out have us both piss all over each other simultaneously. I want my mother to make me put on panties+bra then start sucking on a big dildo cock. She orders me to pull on my cock and make myself cum on a butt plug she takes out from her dripping 70+ pussy, I lick half of my cum off butt plug shove cum covered plug into my aching ass I am told to leave it in for the day/night and when I am allowed, I must take it out and lick it clean as I rub my dick I suck on a random used sanitary pad Mother retrieved from a random female public toilet sanitary bin. She hands me another pad to place in my panties, then a used tampon.

I am to insert the used tampon into my ass saving it for later a snack for me to suck on xo I love my mother so much I wanna fuck her hard fast and deep, eat her pussy and ass out and have us both piss all over each other simultaneously. I want my mother to fuck me with 16′ x4.5′ strap on for at least 30mins-non stop. Mummy come help me be the girl you always wished I was, pound my boi pussy so hard and deep it pushes me into a new dimension. pls mummy come and fuck my boy soul outof my body, make room for my girly girl no limits slut soul to move in permanently with full control.

I want my mother make me suck on used sanitary pads she retrieves from shopping centre, high school, hospital or train station female public toilet sanitary bins. I suck on one, use one in my panties for leakage and insert a used tampon in my ass which I later suck on as I rub my sissy clitty 2 a girly orgasm. I admit it I am usually wearing panties and bra sucking on a dildo cock watching porn imagining being the girl in every video every time craving being fucked like a girl more and more, fuck me bareback hard+fast, fuck me deep I am a sissy slut whore I can fit 3 cocks in my pussy easy.

I wanna try ramming my hole with as many as I can take, stretch my hole to its limit, I wanna get fucked so hard and deep that I totally lose control of my bladder and bowels, completely emptying myself all over myself and drenching the cocks fucking me, which after filling me with their cum, I suck clean with my eyes shut, this makes sure i don’t pull away from the really dirty cocks that have come out of my ass. mmmmmmm I love doing atm eyes shut is so disgustingly exciting, actually I am disappointed when whatever is coming out of my ass and going straight into my mouth isn’t dirty mmmm lol.

First time sucking on cock age 12 which was a boy next house up from mine same age he sucked mine too ( only a dozen more times after the first night)  so everyday after school and some weekends for the next 2 years I would suck his cock and take his load down my throat and I loved it after a while we didn’t even talk he would come over I would let him in the front door he would head straight to my room I would follow and drop straight to my knees and his dick would be out before we had fully shut the door and I would make love to his cock with my mouth get that load into me and his pants would be done up before I had even swallowed his load I would jump up and lead him out then head back to my room and take care of myself, such a fuckn whore I really lived it when he said absolutely nothing finish in my mouth and be looking down at me with this look that made me shrink into myself there was almost hatred in his eyes and I had just sucked his cock so passionately and he couldn’t hide how much he lived it, must have really messed with him when he had a girlfriend but was still using me as his daily cum dumpster mmmmmm hehehe


Leon Piccinin aka Emma

7th April 1979

6 Inverness St Endeavour Hills 3802
Victoria Australia


Leon Piccinin

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