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I am 27 year old pathetic impotent faggot named Dragos Dima that still wears diapers! I absolutely love sucking black cocks. I will never have sex and forever serve black cocks on my knees as I lick their manly dick!I also love to watch real men have sex with girls and serve them accordingly. I need to make sure not a single drop of cum is wasted as worship cocks!Fags like me should be exposed while young so they remain exposed throughout the faggot lifetime, make sure to save my images before I chicken out!Please expose me everywhere so that my friends and family find out how much of a pathetic faggot I actually am and prevent me from ever getting a girlfriend(Not like I have a chance anyways).About me:Real name: Dragos DimaPhone: 619-494-7237Email: dragosdima21@gmail.comLocation: Charlotte, NC USAUniversity I go to: UNCC ( any additional info a fag like me should post, please contact me and tell me to add to this post!

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