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    - "[bpfb_images] 68_0-02294200-1648874888_val-ef-twitter.jpg [/bpfb_images]" 0 ExposedSissy faggotExposed by Master AshtonProperty of the KINGValfirUnder ContractValfir QRSupporterVIP FAG
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    - "Proud “out” gay sissy CD faggot here!"
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    - "drank horse piss [bpfb_link url=’’ title=’Gary Wayne Waldon Absolutely Exposed!’ image=”]Welcome to GaryWaldon.Absolutely.Exposed! Come and look around, I have nothing to […]"
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    - "@diane thanks for the friendship. xoxo jennie" 0 ExposedSissy faggotVIP FAG
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    - "[bpfb_images] 1905_0-06455900-1494410390_img_1604.jpg 1905_0-10942400-1494410390_img_1751.png [/bpfb_images]"
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    - "Ciao, grazie della richiesta d’amicizia. Baci [bpfb_images] 1227_0-49904800-1488553753_dscn3379-1024×958.jpg [/bpfb_images]"
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    - "🙂"
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    - "@pippapisspot"
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    - "Petite sissy faggot wears women’s clothes daily, is prof. pedi’d & mani’d, smooth hairless skin. Loves muscular hairy chested Leather & strict master preferred. I make an excellent wife &?or slave able to […]" View
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