Steven Burdette Ellison

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Fag Sissy


Blue Mountain


Anniston, AL 36201


36 – 50

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I love to get cum-filled condoms in the mail!


Mail them to 12 Twine St Anniston, AL 36201 & I'll send you an "unboxing video"


About me
  • Having grown tired of trying to find someone sadistic enough to do it to me, I remembered that “the gods help those who help themselves” and spent the past year intentionally trying to ruin my reputation, character, integrity, and overall social standing. Well, guess what? Success beyond my wildest expectations! How successful, you ask?I ‘m currently unemployable, and it’s because of Google.

Google my full legal name when you get a chance. Imagine you’re HR and do the hiring. Tell me if you’d hire those search results. Because I’m fairly certain that the ONLY industries that would hire my results are bookstores, porn theaters, and porn production companies.

I registered with the only day-labor agency in my town on a Tuesday afternoon. Turned all the paperwork in and left at 4…at 6 they called me to let me know that they wouldn’t have any assignments for me. Ever. Internet search was done the moment I walked outside.

They were legit worried that I’d try to get every male on a job site to fuck me…because they were convinced that I was in fact a whore. It does explain why no temp agencies have returned calls, why NO PLACE has gotten back to me.I made my name untouchable. Toxic to my small Alabama town.

At this point, my only options are, literally, whoring or porn.


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