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    - "I love this site I get to show the world I’m a sissy fairy Please show the whole world what a little sissy fairy I truly am! I am not or ever was a man. Sissies like me not only deserve to be humiliated and e […]"View
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    - "Sissy Fag MariaClayton, totally Needing and craving like all good sissy fags do EPOSURE!!! I love seeing my pics all over the internet. I love it so please save this sissy Fag whore, save and repost. Expose this […]"View
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    - "@loserfaggot6061 What type of Master do you look for lil fag, the one who owns you totally? Are you ready for that and to work hard on yourself to make your Master happy? Can you find your happiness only in your Owner’s one?"View
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