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Fag Sissy


Melbourne Vic 3000, AU


Cranbourne, VIC, Australia




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This white sissy faggot from Melbourne, Australia accepts that the time of my FULL PUBLIC exposure is getting closer.

To advance it further, access and full use of my profile has been given to my Master Anton. Master will change the profile as he wishes, upload files as he wishes, and start with a constant flow of standard exposures. Once a Google search using examples like ‘exposed faggot slave gee’ or ‘slave gee porn’ result in hits from a good number of websites, the full $250 package will be purchased.  I am willing to work as a male  prostitute to raise the funds.

I publicly declare that as a faggot, I am a sex slave and my body belongs to and is Owned by Master Anton. Master makes ALL decisions on who uses his faggot slave, and what they can do. Set and agreed punishments are in place if needed.

I will embrace the ABSOLUTE HUMILIATION once I have my own dedicated exposed faggot webpage. A condition of it being that once created, faggot me must have the web address tattooed on my body. Its position, size, style, colour etc being the choice of Master Anton.

1: My full name, address, personal details and contact information displayed

2: Thousands of pictures and Hundreds of hours of films free for all to see, download, copy, share and upload to other sites

3: A public invitation extended out to all from the area interested in helpling further expose, use, fuck, photograph and film

4: Tasks and Targets publicly set, evidence of completion being any/either/or all the following areana – live webcam, phone facetime, instant upload of pics/films to any sites.

5: Appear in commercial release edited feature porn film.

6: Be auctioned online. (could be for 1 hrs use, or could be as 24/7 faggot sex slave for one week)


As a faggot I am prepared to be FULLY EXPOSED with NO LIMITs, NO CONDITIONs, NO RESTRICTIONs, NO MERCY, and with it NEVER ENDING.

faggot slave gee offers to do the following:

Be fucked by 2000 cocks in a 12mth period

Be fucked by the BIGGEST COCK that can be found, it ongoing until slave has been filmed to show my hole being totally pounded hardcore, extreme, balls deep, and in a way that when seen online, people will simply comment, fuck that faggot absolutely got destroyed big time by that massive monster cock.

NO # LIMIT GB over 48 hrs. slave will do 10 of these over time. Guys can collect cum in advance and bring along so all is mixed together, approx 2 litres. Regardless of quantity, every last drop gets pumped deep up slaves arse hole. It being that any cum that leaks from faggots holed during the 48 hours will be collected. On day 2 slave gets tied with rope by some experienced bondage people. slave tied up fully exposed with all body parts helplessly exposed so they can be tormented, tortured, fucked and made to beg for mercy. slave’s cock and balls used to break, control and destroy slave. Permanent markers then used to write and draw the most disgusting things on faggots body before being photographed and filmed.

On a regular basis the Masters can set it up so that faggot slave gee is stripped naked outdoors, gagged, hooded, blindfold and then chained and padlocked up helpless, spread and exposed. For several hours they just let any cocks fuck faggots arse and fill it with cum.


Faggot slave gee Melbourne Aust

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