LMAO get a load of this fat fuck wearing his mums dress. Michael Burger is a public officer that claims he works in the computing centre of the financial government in Germany. All this really means is he has his fat ass planted on a seat all day in front of a computer. To get through his days he wears his favourite coloured panties and often sneaks off to the toilet to pull his panties to the side and massage his lil clit… I assume he sneaks in donuts to the toilet as well.

This fat faggot was married twice! and both times divorced… haha well obviously. Unfortunately he also has 3 kids…. poor poor kids. At least he as a nice job to give his kids money to make up for them having a fag as a father.
Michael goes to tell me that after his second divorce he fell in a state of depression and got more addicted to his kinky fetishes like being submissive and masochistic. Although I don’t buy this for one bit. This is who you are, don’t blame the divorce for who you are. Face the facts you’re a fat faggot that loves sucking cock and being submissive. Embrace it. Eating shit, craving exposure and swallowing loads of cum after 2 cocks have being in your mouth is just who you are, and who you always were.

This exposure is going to help you come to grips with your life now. Fat burger faggots has expressed interest in meeting up with some fags from this site, taking them to the movies and having them suck his cock, or him suck their cock in the movie theatre. His contact details are below.

Michael Burggraf
Füsilierstraße 24
40476 Düsseldorf / Germany

+49-170-5549396 (WhatsApp)

XHAMSTER https://de.xhamster.com/users/schluck-nutzvieh
TUMBLR https://burggraf-michael.tumblr.com/
TWITTER https://twitter.com/mi_burggraf
FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100010791468251
INSTAGRAM https://www.instagram.com/michael_burggraf
EXPOSED FAGGOTS https://exposedfaggots.com/members/michaelburggraf/
DROPBOX http://bit.ly/_Michael_Burggraf_Exposed

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