Its one thing to be exposed on a site full of other faggots, but you gotta be a special kind of pathetic and stupid to want your own site dedicated to your own exposure and pay out the ass to get it created as well LOL. Nick Hutt is one of those loser fags.


Not only does this faggot have his own site dedicated to what a panty wearing loser he is, but he also has a custom contract with me which has him updating exposures on both exposedfaggots and his own site a few times each month, as well as paying his month fagtax LOL.



Ofcourse when as big of a sissy loser as nick, its never enough. His contract will soon be edited to include a spin-the-wheel game. This wheel will have the options yes and no, and a few special ones 😉 If it lands on yes when he spins it, the exposure he or I make will include details for one of his family members LOL.



Hes not out yet, they don’t know what a panty-wearing sissy he is. But with the new contract, I have a feeling that’s about to change LOL




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