Submissive bottom masochist

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Paul gibson is a faggot that Lives for pain and bondage, he especially enjoys outdoor bondage.

He seeks strong sadistic tops who play rough, and especially likes to be fucked hard and choked with good hard cocks.


“I’ve been sucking cock since 1965” LMAO it shows

He sspecially likes to have multiple tops and loves to be watched and filmed.

Paul Gibson also loves being the human toilet in the house.

This fag has almost no limits at all, and can perform all kinds of perversions.




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1 month ago

Would like to dominate and make this hot older fag serve me. Great exposure !!!

Doug Stratemeyer Exposed Nude

Fantastic exposure. I’m on a lot of sites, but this exposure has me thinking about having an exposure package done here.

Paul Gibson
Paul Gibson
3 months ago

Please reblog me

Paul Gibson
3 months ago

I’ve hit 2000 reblogs. I wonder if I can get to 5000

3 months ago

Wonderful Exposure…. one never knows who is viewing your post or reblogs them somewhere else. you may be fap material for some or a fucktoy for locals you recognize you. I have been used by locals & my limits stretched as much as my hole!

Hardy Wender
4 months ago

You are a hot fag

4 months ago

fabulous exposure!

snipzh snipzh
5 months ago

Great exposure from Master Ashton and a good example for us other faggots,

Paul Gibson
5 months ago

Getting close to 1000 reblogs. I wonder what I should do to mark the event if it comes

mark kessler
6 months ago

i want to choke on your cock Sir

vittorio la paglia
6 months ago

i’d love to be used and abused by u

6 months ago

Would love to piss in your throat, dirty faggot

Brittany Love
6 months ago

Another great exposure from Master Ashton, you really are a pathetic faggot! I love it

vittorio la paglia
6 months ago

exciting cock

stupid pig
6 months ago

What an old ugly fag, this site seems full of them. Great exposure!

Sissy Zach
6 months ago

bwhahah what an old pathetic faggot!@ Well done Master Ashton

sissy vicky
6 months ago

Seen you on the banner! Great exposure sexy faggot

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