Paul Greenwell
The internet’s most pathetic bimbo






































April 11th

10 30pm here in Australia, Im laying in bed watching netflix my phone starts buzzing. Of course its the desperate faggot paul greenwell messaging me telling me hes jerking her lil clit, while seeing how high his gallery has ranked in google LOL. I knew right away the faggot was desperate as ever, so I told him the amount I wanted and without hesitation, the stupid faggot sent it LOL. I showed him a screenshot of the show I was watching, the faggot tells me the show looks out there. I quickly reminded the faggot, that nothing is as out there as he is when he wears his fake tits and drinks his own piss LMAO. Its never enough, the faggot is also asking for daily updates to his new gallery. I told him the number I want, and i know the faggot will pay it. Hes way too desperate to say no to daily updates, and he knows first hand how well daily updates help you rank in google. Its one of the reasons his own website ranked so well.. a little too well scarring the shit out of the faggot LMAO.  We both know it wont be long before he gets his site back up. He would already have it, if the price was cheaper since hes always broke from paying for updates to this exposue LMAO. Legit paying day after day for me to write the same shit about him each and every time LOL. There is only so many ways you can call a faggot pathetic. Ofcourse sissy paul greenwell does not care, as long as hes getting 5mins of attention its money well spent to that stupid faggot LOL. After all the only other ineraction he gets is from watching the sissy hypno porn on his tv while he jerks his lil cock and drinks his cum LMAO.  This was was created for the bottom of the barrel fags, the lowest of the low and without even advertising it paul greenwell found it prety much as soon as it was made, like it was his destiny to be the mascot. A deadset loser LOL

April 6th

No I didn’t put a typo in the date. This faggot is so desperate he’s paid for two updates on the same day LMAO. Not only that, the faggot paid out the ass for his gallery to go back up. Which in a way is worse for him that his site. His site would have taken a while to rank on google, but the gallery should rank rather quickly since its on As soon as I gave him the link to say it was up the faggot came all over himself he didn’t even get a chance to look at LMAO. Hes on skype now, telling me how insecure and weak minded he is… the same thing I’ve been telling him for the last 20 updates LOL. The stupid faggot tells me he’s at the lowest of the low now. He used to have 1 or 2 straight friends that he could talk to, but now even they have disowned him. 90% of the time this pathetic loser is dressed as a stupid bimbo, and from now on I am legit the only person he will have contact with. He cant even pay others to communicate with him, he’s such a disgrace LMAO. The faggot ask me to do another update, I knew how desperate he is tongith so obviously I told him what to send to get it done, and ofcourse the desperate slut sent more than I asked.  He knows with the gallery back up he can promote it everywhere, when someone goes to it they can see over 10 pages of his stupid faggot pictures. Its pretty much this sluts whole life in 10 pages LMAO. Plus the gallery can be made to get daily updates which will ruin him even more. Hes horny as every now, but that’s nothing compared to how horny the slut will be when he sees the gallery on google. I guarantee he will cum at least 7times that day eating every drop, god damn he’s pathetic

View his gallery here

April 6th
Another update to the stupid fag paul greenwells exposure. They are getting more and more frequent, you know it means this fag is starting to crave it like he used to. There was a time, when he couldn’t sleep unless he was getting daily updates to his exposure. He ended up going too far, and his site was ranking so good in google, just typing in his first name would show the whole world what a pathetic bimbo loser he is. He paid for it to get removed, but 6months later it was still ranking in google LOL it scares the shit out of him, knowing this will happen again.  But I can tell it wont be long, he’s so desperate he can try and resist all he wants, but its his life purpose to be exposed and the most desperate bimbo out there… He will be begging for the site, begging for it to have daily updates again. And when its up he will search google all day and night looking for his site URL to show up. When he sees it, he will cum like no tomorrow. Asking himself what has he done, he’s fucked again LMAO. But those few mins of regret will soon turn into 72hours of him jerking off over his exposure. He knows he needs it, he knows other fags are getting sites built and he cant handle if he’s not the most exposed sissy slut on the internet. After all he’s spend the last 12 years dedicating his whole pathetic life to ruining himself, so why not go above and beyond and be the most ruined bimbo out there. Like I tell the faggot over and over there is no reason for him to be scared, all his friends and family have disowned him. The whole word already knows what a loser he is. A faggot like paul greenwell, is so pathetic its not enough to to be featured amongst other loser faggots. He needs his own website dedicated to his own exposure where he is the center of attention on every page. Plus knowing WHEN he regrets it and pays for removal, it will take 6months or more for google to remove it. That thought alone is enough to get the stupid fags cock rock hard LOL. Once he has the site, he wont be able to stop he will then need his gallery back up, and back on the homepage popup. This faggot craves attention so much he will go broke making sure he’s the center of attention on every page. 

April 3rd
Bimbo Paul Greenwell is back craving exposure again, just like you all knew he would be.  Infact the dumb faggot has been messing me non stop the last few days. But I’ve been busy over the easter longwkend. Doing normal stuff like leaving the house and interacting with real people.. things paul greenwell knows nothing about LMAO.  I can bet this faggot was inside all long weekend stroking his lil fag cock, spending every last cent he had on exposure. After all whos going to spend their time with this pathetic faggot unless he pays them too LOL. Alot of people wont even give him the time of day even if he pays, he truly is pathetic. For 4 days and 4 nights, this faggot would have been locked inside his room watching hypno porn. Looking over all the exposures he’s paid 1000s for over the years. It doesn’t take this faggot long to cum, and once he does he eats it up right away just to feel as pathetic as possible. For a short time after the faggot cums, reality hits him. He suddenly realizes that this isn’t a game, its his life and its ruined.  He is way past the point on no return. There is no amount of money he could pay to have it all removed. Its just not possible. He has to live the rest of his life known as the cum drinking exposures addicted faggot bimbo. Knowing he cant even walk down the street, or go to the local bar without people yelling out insults at him LOL. And to top it all off, the fag has paid tens of thousands to do this to himself LOL. Its one thing to be a stupid fag and maybe pay for exposure once or twice for the thrill of it, but to spend money on it week after week, year after year. Paul Greenwell is legit next-level desperate. Thinking about all this would cause any normal person to lose their shit. Instead, paul thinks about it, and realizes there is no reversing it. Crying about it won’t make it go away, so the only logical thing to do is embrace it. Go with it, and go deeper and deeper. Its why it makes so much sense for this desperate faggot to dedicate his life to and his destructions. After all, what else does he have? Absolutely nothing LOL


March 27th

Whats more pathetic than exposing yourself as a faggot? Paying someone else to expose you as a faggot LMAO.  Another day, another payment from the desperate loser paul greenwell. These updates are getting closer and closer together. Soon they are going to be daily like they used to be. Paula the stupid bimbo got fired from her old job, and her new job isn’t paying as much so its harder for this faggot to afford the daily updates, but it doesn’t stop the bimbo going into debt to afford it LMAO. This faggot will do anything, if it means someone will just give him 10mins of attention LOL. Notice how I keep switching from her to him, its because I’m not really sure what this faggot is LOL. Clearly with its huge fake tits paula wants to be a sissy bimbo… but he still looks like one the most desperate pathetic guys I’ve ever seen LOL. From the very first email I got from paula, I knew she was on a whole other level compared to most faggots.  Im not even sure when the first email was, well over 10 years ago now, and since then we have had contact weekly. And you damn well know I’m not spending my time talking to someone this pathetic if its not benefitting me LOL. Even before paul greenwell first messaged me, he already making a name for himself as the most desperate loser anyone had ever seen, a lot of other fags didn’t even know it was possible to be as desperate as paul LOL. Alot of fags aspire to get to his level, but when they realise how much this fag spends, how time and dedication he puts into making sure anyone who visits the internet sees what a stupid loser he is… they quickly realise they have no hope of attaining the level of depravity paul Greenwell has. It takes a special kind of loser to be on paul greenwells level, a lot of his exposure comes from having no1 else to interact with, since everyone thinks he’s so disgusting. When this loser pays for exposure he gets 10mins or so of human interaction which is enough to make him cum LOL, and ofcourse the faggot eats it all up straight after LOL. He tells he’s getting worse and more desperate, but he’s always been so desperate its hard to tell if he’s getting worse, there isn’t much further he can go.. but if you see his website back up, or his gallery back on the site you know for sure then he has fully lost the plot and is going all out with his exposure!!


March 25th

Its 2am here in Australia, I had to get up to go piss and decided to check my phone. Ofcourse there is a message from stupid faggot paul greenwell asking if im awake LOL. I told the faggot if he pays double what he normally pays ill be awake, without hesitation the loser went to his banking app and sent his fagtax LMAO. I told him to give me a few minutes to get my laptop, but I had already got it since I knew the fag wouldnt be able to resist feeling like a loser and sending his fagtax. Its what he lives for. I bet the faggot hasnt stopped jerking his lil cock since the last update LOL. I know for sure he hasnt changed out of his bimbo clothes, hes prob still got his fake tits on well. Such a stupid loser. Imagine being so pathetic that the only way you can get off is by paying people to ruin you LOL. The stupid faggot has literally paid 1000s upon 1000s to ruin himself. And he will never stop, he will never be ruined enough LOL. The other day he was messaging me at 7am asking me how much for his website to go back up, I know it wont be long before he cant resist anymore and he pays whatever I tell him to, to get the site back online. The daily updates it had really fucked him over, they got indexed on googles within days. Just typing in his name and his city would bring up the site letting everyone know what a stupid loser he is.  Every morning he would turn on his laptop go straight to the site and see the new update then jerking his cock all day and all night waiting for the next update LOL. In the end it got too much for the faggot and he paid for the site to get removed. But it was still showing on google a year later LMAO. He knows thats going to happen again as well, i give it a month or two at most before he gives in. Hes such a stupid loser, there is no way hes waiting any longer than that

March 23rd

Pathetic paul greenwell is back for more exposure, to be ruined even more. I lost count months ago how many updates I’ve done. Alot of them are just me repeating the same stuff over and over, but paul greenwell doesn’t care about. Hes so desperate any little tiny bit of attention is enough to make his pathetic lil cock rock hard. Anytime this loser sees someone calling him a dumb faggot it turns him on so much, it just makes him want to eat his own cum LOL. Sometimes when this filthy faggot is really in the mood he will even drink his own piss LMAO.  The word desperate doesn’t even suit Paul Greenwell anymore, he surpassed desperate long ago. There are many fags on this site that crave exposure, but none that crave it enough to spend their whole pay check on it…especially knowing the knew exposures cant really add much seeing as your already so ruined and way past the point of no return. When people see paul greenwell on the homepage they are no longer disgusted, so they are used to seeing him plastered everywhere. They just think to themselves oh this desperate loser must have got paid again LOL. Every week without fail this dumb sissy wanna be pays for his life to be more and more ruined. Nothing else gets him off anymore, even his fag lover sophie cant get him off. Infact that stupid slut just annoys him, all she wants to do is sniff glue while all paul greenwell wants to do is dress up like a bimbo and pay people to plaster him on as many sites as possible. When he goes to sleep all he dreams about is how he can be more of a loser bimbo the next day. His whole life is dedicated to being the biggest loser he can be, its why he’s so good at it LOL. He really has no choice but to dedicate his life to exposure, if he tries to get out of the exposure game.. he finds out very quickly that its impossible. Sure he can pay to have these posts removed, but he’s on hundreds of website many he don’t even know about. And say the off chance he got all his content removed, there is no way the internet is just going to forget about him. For over 10 years every week this loser has been degrading and humiliating himself online. And he will for the next 40 years. He is the most pathetic faggot the internet has ever seen. And so proud of it as well..until he cums that is LMAO

March 17

I know you didn’t think it was possible but the slut Paul Greeenwell has managed to sink ever lower. The stupid loser faggot spent all night jerking his lil fag cock with dipshit sophie. For those reading this that don’t know sophie, think yourself lucky. If there is one faggot out there more pathetic, more disgusting than paul greenwell it dipshit sophie. You will hardly ever see dipshit sophie without a methpipe in her hand, and if you see her without one its only because she has swapped that meth pipe with a glue stick. She really is the most pathetic loser you will ever come across. And to think paul greenwell spent 5 hours jerking his lil fag cock with her LMAO. I knew paul greenwell was a desperate loser, but to jerk with dipshit sophie that brings a whole new meaning to the word desperate LMAO. But that’s not all, not only were these two fags jerking off together but they were in a group chat with other fags who were abusing and giving them shit, all while those two confessed their love together LOL. Now if they were in a group chat full of masters giving them shit, sure that’s normal for fags.. but to have other fags giving them shit LMAO you literally cannot get any lower than this. To have an idea of how desperate and depressing this is… just think paul greenwell has been exposed over every site for over 10 years, and it doesn’t effect him, infact he loves it and cannot get enough of it. Each week he will pay for more and more exposure its his life, its what he lives for. But after 1 night of jerking with sophie he has never felt so much regret in his life, infact this desperate loser even starting to cry after he came. Not because of how exposed he is, but because of looking at sophie for long is enough to make anyone cry. He didn’t think it was possible to get any lower LOL. Ofcourse paul greenwell being the desperate loser he is, that craves to ruin his life.. the only thing left to do now is embrace the new level of loser he is and to marry dipshit sophie. After all these are the two most pathetic losers on the internet, so they belong together. They can sit on skype and jerk off other for many hours while getting humiliated and live happily ever after like the desperate loser faggots they are LMAO. I knew paul greenwell was desperate, but this truly is a new low for even him LMAO

March 14th

No surprise paul greenwell is desperately craving more and more exposure. Its never enough for this desperate faggot. I heard my skype buzz , and when it check it ofcourse it was the loser paul greenwell telling me had already sent his fagtax and was craving destruction.  It always makes me laugh when he tells me he wants to be ruined, as if the faggot isnt ruined enough already LOL.  The only way this faggot gets off anymore is by seeing his posts online, reading about what a loser bimbo he is lol. Ofcourse hes always dressed like a bimbo slut while he jerks off to his exposures LOL. This faggot owns more womens clothing than mens clothing.. which is understandable seeing as the faggot hardly ever leaves his house anymore. He will literally spends a whole week or more inside his house without any outside interaction, the whole time dressed as a bimbo jerking off to hypno porn and his exposures.  He only stops when hes out of money and cant paying anyone for more attention LOL,  unless he pays them no one wants anything to do this with this faggot. There are alot of faggot losers on this site, but none close to paul greenwell. This site has been around over 10 years, and almost every week since then paul greenwell has paid to be plastered all of the internet LOL. Nothing can be said about this faggo that hasnt been said before. But that dosnt worry the desperate faggot, untill the end of time he will going broke paying for more and more exposure LOL. When he finally does cum and eats it, the fag  returns to reality and feels ashamed and disgusted, but he knows hes gone too far now there is legit nothing he can do to reverse it. So there is only one option for the faggot, and thats to start jerking his fag cock all over again LOL.  Many fags tell me they want to be like paul greenwell, they ask me how to get exposure like him. Then when they realise what a loser he is, and how much money hes spent on exposure they want to be nothing like him LOL


March 9th

Pathetic faggot Paul Greenwell is as desperate as ever. As soon as I wake up my skype is already spammed with messages from this faggot begging for exposure. Telling me he has my fagcash ready to send and is ready for me to ruin him all weekend LOL. Just the other day he was telling me how he gets paid on Friday and is going to spend all weekend dressed as a bimbo slut paying to be ruined LOL. Hes such a pathetic slut, today he tells me spent all last night getting by a tranny LOL. He must already be broke now as no one is going anywhere near this pathetic faggot free of charge LOL. I asked him for a video of the fuck session, he tells me the tranny charged too much to allow him to take a video.. which makes sense.  Not even the tranny wants anyone to know she was anywhere near paul greenwell LMAO. I guarantee this whole weekend paul greenwell will do nothing except jerking his lil cock until it hurts, then eat his cum and start jerking off again LOL. Not like the bimbo has anything else to do. When monday comes around hes going to realise hes broke becuase he spent all his money on exposure.. then he will have no choice but to jerk off again so he can forget about reality LOL. This month is going to be big in terms of paul greenwells exposure. Hes already back on the age verification page, and when he gets his funds sorted he will have his gallery back up on, then once he has that I just know the stupid faggot will be craving to have his own site back up. Its never enough for this faggot, he needs more and more and more. Exposure is his life, its all his has. Without it, he has nothing to live for. Hes a true exposure faggot, and thats why hes the mascot for










March 4th

LOL Paul Greenwell the desperate faggot is it at again, doing the only thing he knows how begging for exposure, begging to be ruined. He had messaged me a few days asking for exposure but I wasnt home. He didnt message for a while after that, I can tell the desperate faggot thinks im sick of him LOL. Thats literally how pathetic he is, and he knows it. He thinks I would getting sick of him, even when he pays each and everytime. But im sure he will soon learn, as long as he he has his fagtax and im around ill be up ruining the faggot. This site has been around over 10 years, and I’m not sick of exposing you losers yet LOL. Faggots like paul greenwell are the exact reason this site was created. They are the lowest of the low with nothing to lose. He has no friends, no family nothing except me. He can go all out with his exposure, telling everything what a desperate, fake titiy wearing faggot he is, and because of what a loser he is no one will even care. Everyone is used to seeing this loser plastered on every single site, but hes so desperate day after day he keeps paying for more and more. Its a loop the faggot will be stuck in for the rest of his life. Which is perfect for me, because as soon as he gets paid I get paid. Exactly how it should be. This faggot will go days sometimes weeks without any real human interaction, he will stay in his house dressing up in his HUGE collections of womens clothes, trying on his massive collection of fake tits. Once he finds a fit he likes, he gets to work jerkiing his lil dick like no tomorrow. Often watching hypno sissy porn which gets him to go deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole of exposure. He has done this for so long, its all he knows. When hes not exposing himself, and trying to be a normal person hes so confused and has no idea what to do or how to act. So he goes back to doing what he was put on this planet to do. Paying me to be exposed as the desperate loser faggot he is


Feb 21th

Quite a long time between updates for this faggot, but rest assured nothing has changed.  Paul Greenwell is still a desperate loser faggot bimbo that craves exposure daily. Hes tried to get me to update this post several times but ive been busy and couldn’t get it done. Luckily for the loser, he now has two separate blogs that he can update himself when im not around to expose him. Thats how desperate this bimbo is, if he cant pay for exposure he will sink so low as to write about himself in his own blog LOL. He will legit do anything to let you world know what a stupid loser faggot he is. How he will never be with another girl ever again LOL. All this faggots friends, family and co-workers have already disowned him, so he doesn’t have to worry about getting caught, everyone already knows LOL. Just one look at him, and you can tell hes the biggest faggot alive.  Paul Greenwell has legit spent tens of thousands to ruin his life LOL. For the last few years hes pretty much been as ruined as a faggot can get, so ruined he gets chased out of local pubs and clubs and just walking down the street people will yell out faggot to him LOL. Yet the stupid loser still pays hundreds upon hundreds each and every week to keep all his exposures updated. Fags always tell me Paul Greenwell is their idol and they want to be like him, but when they see how much he spends, and what he goes through to get this level of exposure it’s the last thing they want LOL. Some faggots can be punished by exposing them even more, but Paul Greenwell ever needs to be punished, taking down his exposures is one way to make this fag go crazy LOL without exposure his life in meaningless. His whole purpose is to pay me and be the Mascot


Feb 8th

Another day, another update LOL. Today this faggot came to be begging for me to tell the world how he once again loves sissy sophie and wants to make the disgusting faggot pregnant LOL. No idea how the faggot is going to do that, but im sure he will find a way LOL Im sure in the end, he will just end up making her drink his piss, they are the most disgusting faggots you will ever lay your eyes on. While Paul Greenwell was messaging me telling me to make this post, the other slut sissy Sophie was also messaging me. Telling me what a huge faggot paul is, and how shes has never seen anyone as fucked up as him.. in some way trying to insinuate that shes better than him LOL. Its funny how these two faggots talk behind eacho thers back but still love each other and want to get married LOL.  They are already like a married couple, for a few days they will love each oother and cant go on without talking and jerking off to each other each and every day, eating their cum together LOL. Then for the next few weeks they will hate each other, and want nothing at all to do with one another LOL. I think this time might be different though. I think paul is going to be loving the shit eating bitch for quite some while.  She sniffs glue and eats her shit, while he wears fake tits 4x the size of his head while jerking to hypno porn for days on end. These two faggots are made for each other. They have both been going broke paying for exposure for over 10 years now, it was destiny for them to link up and want to marry each other as pathetic loser faggots.. Im sure the faggot would love for me to be the one to marry them, but there is no way I could be in the same room as these losers without puking my guts up. Sophie looks like a dying dog on her best days LOL Legit only a faggot like Paul Greenwell could have feelings for such a piece of trash. Im not sure is sophie feels the same way about him, but considering she eats her cats biscuits, im sure shes also fuckled up enough to love a loser like paul greenwell LOL. This post was meant to be about how much Paul Loves sophie.. but its impossible to make a post without trashing the both of them they are pathetic LOL

Feb 6th
For days now faggot paul Greenwell has been hitting me up on skype and even texting my phone begging for exposure. He must have been lost without me, not knowing what to do, what to jerk off to LOL. This faggot is so pathetic, literally living for exposure. He has nothing else going for him, except ruining himself further and further.  The faggot can’t even walk down the street without people yelling out abuse at him, and if he tries to go to his favorite bar, everyone calls him a faggot and chases him out LOL. Luckily for Paul Greenwell hes come to terms with what a faggot he is, and how pathetic he is. He knows he will never get pussy ever again, but thats ok since hes now dedicated his life to cock… Yes if you’re wondering, this faggot used to fuck girls, well thats what he tells me. Im not sure if its true or not LOL. Imagine the girls that he used to fuck seeing him now LOL, id love to see the look on their faces. Hopefully, they have seen this exposure of him LOL. The only pussy this faggot is getting belongs to sissy Sophie LMAO. Alot of fags claim they want exposure like paul Greenwell has, but when they see how much money hes spent, and how truly ruin his pathetic life is, its the last thing they want. I’m sure deep down inside, its the last thing paul Greenwell wants as well, but he knows there is no going back so what the point in regret, he might as well just go with it, and see how far he can take it, its all he can do.  Living his days as a sissy whore, while paying me to write about it is all that makes him happy. He’s a true exposed faggot and the original Mascot for He has two blogs now, one about himself and one about me, it wont be long before hes begging for  his site back up as well LOL. I can tell this faggot is going to take exposure even further this year, and he knows it too. He cant resist. Its his life.

Jan 29th.
I knew loser paul Greenwell would get worse and worse the longer he takes off. Every time he even has more than a 48 break from exposure he comes back so bad, craving to ruin his life like never before. He truly is a desperate no-life faggot.  Its not enough for me to tell you what a desperate faggot he is, the faggot has now restarted his own blog where he tells you himself how stupid and brain fucked he is LOL.  The faggots balls are so sore from wanking, its legit all hes been doing the last 72 hours. Literally, as soon as he got paid, he quickly messaged me to tell me had paid his fagtax and needed more attention LOL. He knows the truth and as accepted that hes just a loser cash faggot and an object for me to expose to promote my sites. He knows hes not good for anything else, and even with his money no one else wants anything to do with him. His life is truly ruined with no way back. Alot of fags from this site can reverse most of their exposures by paying for it to be removed, but not paul Greenwell. Hes exposed on so many sites that it would be impossible to remove, no matter how much he paid. I’ve exposed him on several other sites and forgot the passwords for the accounts used LOL. It dosnt matter to him tho, all that matters to this lose is that hes paying me, and getting plastered over all my sites. He doesn’t care if it makes him broke. All he needs is exposure. The most desperate brain fucked loser the internet has ever seen, and hes so proud of it LOL

Jan 27th
Its been over 10days since I last updated this faggots exposure, as you can prob see from the new title the stupid faggot finally lost his job. But no it wasn’t becuase of the exposure, im sure his boss and co workers already know what a stupid loser faggot he is, just once look at him and you could tell LOL. He lost his job for having too much time off. The dipshit is addicted to jerking his cock he would skip work to jerk off to sissy hypno porn, then spend all his pay on me to expose him LOL. He is the definition of a loser.  As much as a worthless faggot that Paul Greenwell is, the faggot has somehow managed to land a new job already. Which is why im updating this exposure LOL. He claims its his old job, but i dobut it i think its more sucking cock in the alley way. That suits him a lot better, and he might actually be good at that LOL. I hope he sucks alot of cock, I know hes going to be craving exposure like never before having the 10days off, he would have been so depressed and scared not knowing if he would ever be able to pay for exposure again, i bet he thought his life was over LOL. Which makes me laugh. alot of fags think their life is over when they get outed, not paul greenwell. His life is over when he stops getting outed, a truly pathetic faggot that actually craves exposure. There is a reason this faggot is an idol to many other desperate losers, especially Mark Kessler LOL. The little slut owed fagtax, and seeing as he lost his job as punishment I removed him from alot of places on this site, but since the bimbo is now sucking cock for cash expect to see him plastered all over this site and all my other sites and social medias where the faggot belongs!

Jan 16th.

Paul Greenwell the dumb stupid slut, his worst nightmare just happened. He was craving exposure and needing to send me my fagtax but I wasnt around. All weekend and the start of the this week the stupid fag has been trying to get hold of me, hes been dreaming about paying me but I wasnt around. The fag was so lost, he didnt know what to do… so he just reverted back to what he knows best. Jerking off until he cums, then eating his cum LOL. Hes literally so pathetic.  Tonight he messaged me while I was watching a movie, I knew the stupid bimbo would be desperate af, so I told him to pay out the ass more than he usually does for me to write about him. within seconds the faggot had paid. I knew there was no way he wouldn’t hes so desperate LOL. Ill be updating the banner so hes on it for another year where he belongs, and im going to put him next to the next most desperate stupid faggot Mark Kessler LOL, these two stupid fags are made for each other. But when it comes to desperate losers who crave exposure no one even comes close to paul greenwell. From the first year this site was live Paul Greenwell has been here paying to be ruined. At this point the stupid faggot cant even walk down the street without getting abused LOL and the stupid loser wouldnt have it any other way. He runs back home jerking his lil clit waiting for me to come online so he can send even more fagtax LOL. Hes legit all he lives for, and the reason hes the original mascot

January 9th.

What did I tell you? I knew that 2024 Paul Greenwell was going to be more desperate, and more patheitc than ever.  Earlier I was at the skatepark and I felt my phone going off, I knew it would be Paul Greenwell without even looking. I wasn’t home and couldnt ruin the faggot so I didnt even bother checking. Then my watch started buzzing which meant fag was texting me directly and not just messaging over skype, when he does I know hes next level desperate and is doing whatever he can to get my attention like a stupid sissy slut LOL. I texted the faggot back saying I wasnt home. Within minutes just becuas the loser had heard from me, he had sent his fagtax LOL. All he needed wasa  reply from me, and it was enough to make the faggot so horny LOL. Made me laugh to my self knowing he was at home jerking his lil cock as hard as he could waiting wishing I would get faster LOL, the faggot cant even think straight until im exposing him. He needs to be number one on this site at all times, or he feels lost LOL. Paul Greenwell is the definition of pathetic. When I get home, he started asking me how much he had paid me over 2023 telling me how stupid he was, and how much he loved paying me. I told the fag I would add it up if he sent even more of his fagcash, within 5 seconds my phone was vibrating because of a new payment LOL. The fag was next level craving humiliation today! I added it all up, and as predicted the stupid fag had sent 1000s upon 1000s upon 1000s and that was just sfor 2023.  This site has been around 13+ years now, and paul greenwell was here paying for exposure since the first year the site was up.  Hes such a stupid faggot, and I still have every cent hes ever sent me still in my bank account. Everytime I view it I laugh at the faggot LOL. Paying 1000s upon 1000s for what? To ruin himself, the dumb faggot is also more ruined than any other faggot. He has no life, no family and no friends. This site, and paying me is all  he lives for!

January 5th
LOL Paul Greenwell is so pathetic and desperate hes been begging for days for more exposure, I didnt do it yesterday because I was busy with other faggots and Paul was broke waiting for his pay to come in LOL. As soon as his pay came in today hes been messaging me, begging for more exposure. I finally have time to do it now and he stupid fag is so excited. So excited to read the 100th update on his exposure that pretty much says the same thing as all the other updates LOL fuck he’s so desperate.  The bimbo faggot dosnt even care what it says about him, just knowing I spent 5 mins typing shit about him is enough to make him cum and eat it LOL. Today hes so desperate I wouldn’t be surprised if he even drinks more of his piss, just to remind him what a pathetic filthy faggot he is.  Legit the second he got paid he was messaging me, telling me he had his fagtax ready LOL. Exposure is all he has to live for, he cant get off without it. Its friday here in Australia, I gurantee this loser spends all weekend alone jerking off to the exposure I made. Hes a train wreck, he goes WEEKS with no human interaction, just jerking off to his exposures and hypno porn. 2024 is the year paul greenwell goes even further than ever before. i can see it now, and so can see he. He will truly be ruined this year!


January 2nd

New year, new update fir the bimbo slut paul greenwell. I know I always say it’s impossible to ruin this faggot more than he’s already ruined, but 2024 is going to be next-level destruction of this faggot.  I can already tell the stupid faggot is going to be paying more fagtax than ever before begging for harder and harder exposure. He knows his life is nothing without exposure, in 2023 he tried several times to take long breaks from the exposure game, but he felt so empty he legit had nothing to do while he was taking the breaks. Now he knows that exposure is his destiny and the sole reason for his existence. Hes going to go harder and harder craving it even more. I know it won’t be long before hes begging for daily updates on this site, and then begging for his own site to be up. Not caring anymore just wanting as much exposure as he can get.  After all the faggot has nothing to lose. No friends, no family just exposure. Exactly how it should be for the mascot.  Wake up, pay master ashton, jerk off, eat cum, pay master ashton, eat, sleep, repeat that is legit this faggots life. Anytime he tries to stop this routine he gets so depressed knowing he has nothing else. Dont be surprised if you see paul Greenwell plastered on every spot on all my sites in the near future, i know this faggot is craving it hard he wont be able to resist not sending his fagtax to be the number one faggot everywhere he can be. Paul Greenwell is beyond pathetic.

December 23

Another day another message from the bigger loser on the internet paul Greenwell begging me for exposure LOL I told him i was busy and would expose the stupid bimbo more then I get hone. The stupid fag sat there and jerked his dick for hours waiting for me to get home The loser is getting worse, hes already exposed on all my sites, and everyone eleses sites but its not enough. Without new exposure this fag gets so lonely and dosnt know what to do with himself anymore. Hes already as exposed as you can get, and hes back talking to sissy sophie. I thought forsure the loser faggots would hate each other by now LOL they never last long. Maybe this time is different, only time will tell. I can already see sophie paying for her site to go back up, then faggot paul taking the opportunity to pay for daily updates on it… this will make Sophie hate the faggot again and the loop will continue LOL hes so damn pathetic. In 2days it will be Christmas, Paul Greenwell will be alone jerking off to sissy porn wearing his jumbo tits LOL. For Christmas lunch, he will probably eat his cum along with a cup of piss…The best present of all, will be the faggot sending me my fagtax, thats all that makes him happy these days, its all he lives for. He claims he wants exposure, but hes already exposed everywhere. The loser just wants an excuse to pay me, hes addicted to it. And so he should be, hes legit good for nothing else. 

December 21

This loser’s post would have been updated soon if it wasn’t for me being busy, you know the fag has been begging for it LOL The dumb faggot messaging me telling me he can’t wait for me to fuck him over LOL. As if this faggots life can get any more ruined. He has no one in his life except me, and another faggot that sniffs glue in her free time. Its even difficult for this faggot to pay others to expose him LOL.  This faggot could never go back to a normal life, no matter how much money he paid to try and get everything removed, and even if somehow he managed to delete everything it wouldn’t be more than a week later before the fag comes to me paying for more exposure LOL. This fags life legit revolves around paying for exposure, jerking his lil fag dick to the exposure, cumming.. eating the cum then he will jerk again until he can jerk no longer. After he cums for the final time the fag 100% regrets what he has done, but he knows there is nothing he can do about it so no point worrying about it. All he can do is jerk off again to forget about reality LOL.  Lucky for him, he is such a loser, if anyone sees his pictures they forgot about it 2mins later LOL


December 12th

Its been a few days since I have updated this faggots exposure, but that doesn’t mean the desperate fag hasn’t been getting outed. Every day people use the media ive made to expose this stupid slut which good because after the long break the loser had, he needs daily exposure, it dosnt matter if its from me or someone else all that matters is this loser is getting outed! I know hes getting worse, last time I talked to the loser he was telling me how he loves sophie again… you gotta be a special kind of desperate dipshit to have any feelings towards Sophie. I thought it was just a once-off thing, and after that night he would hate her as everyone else does.. but nope tonight hes still telling me how much he loves her, and wants more pictures made that include her LOL. Loving Sophie is like loving that special ed kid at school who ate glue sticks for lunch LOL. Turns out these two losers are perfect for each other. Legit the two most pathetic faggots you will ever see on the internet. Both spend thousands upon thousands just to destroy their worthless lives. It really makes me laugh how these faggots pay to get abused, but then get upset if they get abused by one another LOL If anything when the faggot fight with each other it should make them love each other more LOL. A perfect night in for Paul and Sophie is them two web camming with each other while they fuck their cunts with the biggest dildo they can find while watching sissy Hypno porn and getting abused for being so pathetic.  I can see it now, sophie getting her site back up and paul being jelous then either getting his own or paying for his images to be all over sophies, which will cause sophie to lose the plot and they will hate each other LOL then a few days later they will be back to fucking their cunts together LOL its a loop they will never get out off. Truly pathetic dipshits

December 7th
LOL well, the stupid faggot is finally back. This must be a record for the longest time this faggot has gone without paying me to expose him as the pathetic loser faggot he is… to be fair he has messaged me a few times and I have been too busy to expose him, but still the loser normally messages each and every day craving, begging for it. Who knows what the loser has been doing in the meantime, its not like he has any friends or family to hang out with hahaha. I always knew the faggot would message again begging for exposure, he cant resist. This is his entire life. sure the faggot may take a week or even a month or two break, but its 100% guaranteed he will come back begging to send his fagtax to be ruined. Of course now hes had a little break like always he feens for it 10x as hard. When he messaged me tonight I told him he had just missed me and that he had to pay 3x what he normally pays for me to expose him, within seconds the stupid faggot had sent it, and i knew he would LOL. Its 10pm here in Australia, I gurantee the pathetic loser is going to read this then jerk his cock to 10am tomorrow morining thinking about hes the no1 post again on the faggot will then cum in a cup and drink it for his breakfast than start jerking again, he has nothing else to do hes such a loser LOL His only goals in life are to become the biggest bimbo anyone has ever seen and to pay me as much fagtax as he can afford LMAO

November 11th
You guessed it, another update about the loser paul greenwell. I told you this faggot is addicted he cant get enough. His whole life revolves around everything know what a deadset loser he is. This faggot is so pathetic he cant even remember the last time he was intimate with a girl, and he sure knows he will never be with a girl ever again. The rest of his life will consist of paying for exposure, watching hypno porn while wearing fake tits rubbing his clit and every now and then when hes not broke from paying for exposure he will pay some black guys to come fuck him LOL. This faggot has to jerk off all day long, if he stops reality sets it and he realises how ruined he is.. he cant handle it so he has to jerk off even more to forget about it LOL. His life is such a mess and the stupid faggot wouldnt have it any other way.  The only way this loser can get excited anymore is by paying me to write these updates LOL. There is so many updates they all say the same thing over and over LOL but he knows hes a loser and there is much to say about the faggot that people dont already know. The faggot will be reading this thinking this is spot on my life is ruined and it will make his lil cock leak.. then he will go watch hypno porn the rest of the day hahaha hes so sad. No doubt tomorrow as soon as he wakes up the faggot will be messaging me wanting to pay his fag tax for yet another update LOL. Alot of fags want to be on paul greenwells level of exposure but when they realise how much of his life is dedicated to it and how much he spends they want nothing of the sorts. Paul greenwell legit is the biggest most dedicated exposure slut on the whole internet.


















November 9th

No update yesterday as the faggot was broke, but you damn well know as soon as Paul Greenwell got paid today he messaged me telling me he had already sent his fagtax, and once he confirmed I was online and able to expose the lil deranged sissy whore even more, he straight ahead went and sent even more fagtax LOL hes so pathetic. Hes so used to having to pay for attention now, he knows hes so worthless and fucked up that no body will give him the time of day even if he pays. Hes telling me how he wants to make up for everyday he hasnt paid me LOL the stupid sissy has been jerking his cock non stop waiting for his pay to go in juust so he can send it to me LOL. This is the only thing that can get the faggot off. Imagine a life where you have to expose yourself as a pathetic stupid bimbo whore to even get your dick hard hahaha his life is so fucked. Not to mention when he does get his lil cock hard he cumts into a cum and drinks it… then starts jerking again. His life is one big never ending circle…. pay to get exposed, go broke, wait to get paid then pay to get exposed hahahah. Legit the dumbest sissy. But exactly the faggot this site was made for. Being the mascot of gives this pathetic fags life meaning LOL

November 7th
LMAO dipshit paul Greenwell was excited for his new breasts he was having a marathon jerk off session. The pathetic loser didnt sleep for 3nights, was too busy taking pics of himself wearing his new tits…ofcourse after 3nights with no sleep the stupid faggot started going crazy, he started to get upset that he wasnt exposed enough LOL. Even though hes the most exposedfaggot on the internet LOLOLOL. The little dick faggot even complained that the text I wrote about him wasnt long enough LOL.  Ofcourse I knew this faggot was just losing his mind since he hadnt slept, and I know he cant live without me. I told the stupid loser to go fuck himself and I would never expose him again, knowing that the worst punishment for this bimbo slut is no exposure LOL.  What would you know… 24hours late this faggot is back apologzing, telling me what I already know that he cant live without me and hes sorry for being such a soooky little bitch and promises it wont happen again LOL. Within minutes the faggot had his fagcash sent and was thanking me for talking to him LOL, he truly is so pathetic. Alot of people punishment for them would be being exposed as the dumb faggot they are, not paul greenwell hahaha punishment for him is no exposure what a loser!





November 5th.

What would you know, as soon as I wake up my skype is going off with messages from the most pathetic loser paul greenwell, hes so excited to tell me about his new tits that he got LOL. These tits are not like the last ones you have seen the faggot with, but these are next level LOL. This fag is doing whatever he can to show that he truly is the biggest most pathetic bimob the internet has ever seen LOL. He got the tits on friday, its now sunday and he hasnt taken them off at all. The filfhty sluts has spent the last 3days makes pics and videos of himself, then jerking off over the pics of himself wearing the huge tits LOL what a stupid loser. I keep telling him his life is so ruined he cant possible ruin it anymore, but hes doing whatever he can to prove me wrong and show me there is still ways for him to ruin his life LOL hes a deadset loser. The biggest fag this site has and the internet has ever seen!


November 3rd
Been a while since I updated this dipshits post, but not because of the cock whore bimbo not wanting it.. ive been busy dealing with personal stuff. You can bet that whole time paul greenwell was flooding my skype begging me to expose him, every few hours a new message “are you here master’ “master will u expose me” “master take my cash” hahahah he’s legit so pathetic. His whole life revolves around exposure and these days he has been exposed so much that he needs new stuff written about him instead of daily posting the same pictures over and over. Everyone has already seen his images 1000 times and are probably sick of looking at the stupid exposure-addicted bimbo. But he dosnt care, any attention is good attention when youre so pathetic as paul greenwell. Since I havnt updated this in so long, there is a 100% chance he’s going to cum as soon as he reads the first line of this LOLOLOL.  His life is 100% ruined, and there is no way to fix it. All he can do is pay to ruin it even more hahah

oct 26nd
Of course the pathetic loser faggot paul Greenwell paid the fagcash he owned, and ofcourse only a short time later is paying even more craving, begging for more exposure.  Literally as soon as i woke up this morning I had several messages from the loser faggot telling me had sent more fagcash and needs more exposure, I told him i would update his exposure as soon as I got home, the lil fag couldnt wait and kept messing me telling me how much he craves it and how pathetic he is like I didnt already know LMAO. I knew this would happen…like I always mention the longer this loser goes without exposure the more he craves it in the end. Paul greenwells life revolves around exposure and me.. and it will be like this for the rest of his life and there aint shit he can do about it… not that it botheres him he has come to terms with what a loser he is.  Somtimes he dosnt like how much money he sends as it sends him broke.. but now he craves sending the fagtax he knows its his purpose and hes not good for anything else. Such a stupid filthy bimbo faggot that drinks his own piss LMAO

oct 23rd.
Only a few days ago stupid faggot Paul Greenwell paid for his all-out exposure site url to be changed from to In reality, this did little to help new people find it, but being the stupid faggot he is he freaked out and within a few hours paid out the ass to have his site and all his posts removed LOL. Now only a few days later the faggot is back begging for me to restore his posts LOL. I told him when I deleted the site that it wouldnt be long before he was back begging for more exposure. This just proves that everything I say about the bimbo faggot is true. Its impossible for him to live without exposure, without it he doesn’t know what to do with himself, jerking his lil fag cock isn’t the same without seeing new updates LOL. Paul Greenwell truely is as pathetic as they come, a true exposure always the longer he goes without exposure the more he craves it in the end, no doubt after I post this he will be messaging me everyday begging that I expose him each and every day. Hes already shaved off all his body hair to feel like the biggest sissy he can.. and no doubt hes jerking his cock like no tomorrow waiting for this post to go live. The funniest part is he spent all his money paying the removal cost so he cant even afford to pay upfront for this update, but he will pay extra as soon as he gets paid. Its easy to trust he will pay because if he dosnt he knows ill ignore him, and him not getting attention from me is literally the worst possible thing that he can imagine LOL

oct 16th
Six whole days this faggot has paid for his exposure to be updated must be some kind of record. I know now he’s craving it more than ever, he needs to make up for the 6 days that he hasnt been exposed LOL. This faggot is so weak minded, so desperate he could only last 6 days.. well really it was only 4 or 5 days since he was messaging me it just took me too long to reply to him LOL. The stupid faggot gets jelous so easily, asking me if I have a new number 1 fag hahahahaha. Paul Greenwell will legit go broke now trying to catch up. Exposure is his life, without it this pathetic loser has nothing to live for. Being the mascot for this site, is the only thing that gives his life meaning.

Oct 10th

LOL another morning I wake up flooded with messages from this loser. Hes slowly starting to lose it, begging for more exposure then telling me he wishes he had something else other to do than exposure. Maybe its finally hitting him that his life is 100% exposure. Without it what does he have? Absolutely nothing. Hes as pathetic as you can get. Exposure is the only thing that keeps him going, and he knows hes such a stupid bimbo loser that he has to pay for it! One minute he goes from wishing he had something else to do, then the next hes begging for more exposure, craving to come up on google under every keyword to do with being a stupid loser faggot LOL. I always tell the faggot, embrace being a pathetic sissy. Its the only thing youre good at LOL.  He begs to be destroyed and ruined, not realising that hes been ruined for the last 10 years LOL

oct 6th.

Before I had even asked, paul Greenwell the loser had sent his fagcash, along with a couple hundred pictures for me to use as daily updates for his site.  sissyloserclub shutdown,  so paul sent me all the pics he had made him so I can plaster them all over his site and this exposure, exposing him more as the worthless bimbo trash he is lol. Everyday the loser comes to me saying he needs it so bad, hes desperate for it LOL. No matter how much exposure this faggot gets its just not enough. He used to be worried about having his site, as he dosnt like it showing up in google… but i guess the stupid faggot realised that its only him that googles his name so who cares LOL. Legit no one else cares about this faggot, no one else except mark.. and mark eats shit so he doesn’t count. Its friday night here in Australia, i gurantee this loser will read this update jerk his dick for 2mins and cum, then wait 5mins and do it all over again.. he will repeat this all weekend not leaving his house LOL deadset loser.











Oct 5h.

Finally the loser Paul Greenwell has another Twitter His last one got suspended for mentioning for this site LOL. But that wont stop him from mentioning it on his new one, hes too obsessed and craves exposure too much he wont be able to help himself. Ofcourse again today as soon as I told him to pay his fagtax within minutes he had it sent and had his hand on his lil fag cock jerking like no tomorrow anxiously waiting to see what ill type about him LOL. His exposure has so many updates there isnt anything new I can say that you dont already know, but that dosnt bother Paul Greenwell, as long as its updated it makes him cum like no tomorrow he dosnt care what it says.  He knows everyone on the internet already knows what a faggot loser he is.  All his friends, family and co workers know as well they have all dis owned him. Im pretty much the only person he has contact with anymore, and thats only because he pays me every time we talk, hes the true definition of a loser LOL

Oct 2nd.

Phone blowing up with messages ofcourse its paul Greenwell telling me he has fagcash and begging for exposure.  I tell him not home, but just me replying is enough to make this fag stroke his cock like no tomorrow and send his fagcash LOL.  Anyday this fag isnt exposed just makes him crave it harder the next day, hes life is ruined, and there is no going back. He can try all he wants to get out of the exposure game, but without exposure he has nothing. He has no choice but to expose himself LMAO.  I told his fag 15mins ago i was updating his exposure, i know the whole time hes been refreshing this page over and over to see it updated for the 100th time LOL. Without a doublt paul greenwell is the most pathetic fag on this site. Which is perfect as this site for created for house the most pathetic fags the internet has to offer!

Oct 1st

I told paul greenwell to send me new pics and videos and i would update his exposure. Without hesitation the faggot made new content and sent it all to be right away, begging to be outed as if he wasn’t exposed enough already LOL. Paul Greenwell has dedicated his entire life to jerking off looking at how exposed he is online LOL. He kind of had to dedicate his life to this, as the loser legit has nothing else to do. No friends, no family, no one that gives a shit about him unless hes pay LOL. This fag is so pathetic there are even people out there that won’t give him the time of day unless he pays LOL. has been around over 10 years now, and almost every week since the site started, paul green has been paying for exposure. Not just this site either, every site he can find. Its so engrained into his fag brain that he needs to jerk off while paying for exposure. He legits knows nothing else, so pathetic LOL



September 26th
Another morning, another message from paul Greenwell begging me for exposure LOL I told him i was busy and would expose the stupid bimbo more then I get hone. The stupid fag sat there and jerked his dick for hours waiting for me to get home, as soon as I did he paid his fagtax straight away. The loser is getting worse, hes already exposed on all my sites, and everyone eleses sites but its not enough. Without new exposure this fag gets so lonely and dosnt know what to do with himself anymore. Hes already as exposed as you can get, and even have his own exposure site back up LOL. The only thing left to do is change the site url to his name instead of the dumb slut Im sure it wont be long before hes begging for this, but he knows once its done itt will take him over the edge and he wont be able to handle it LOL., Hes so dumb he will do it anyway, its just a matter of time.


September 24th
LOL 8am this morning there is messages from loser paul Greenwell begging for more exposure, and sending me new pictures. He is so excited to have his new pictures posted LMAO is so pathetic. I was away at the time he was messaging me, and every few minutes the faggot would message me asking when I would be home… course hes horny and control himself the slut had already sent his fagtax in advance to make sure I ruined him as soon as I got home.  I knew this would happen, anytime he took a break even for just 48hours he would come back begging, craving for exposure more than ever, sending his fagtax as frequently as he could. His life is meaningless without exposure, anytime he tries to stop he feels empty inside. A true dedicated exposed faggot loser. 


Septermber 22th.
Longest break Paul Greenwell has had in a while. This fag disrespected me, so I made it clear I was not going to expose him anymore unless he paid out the cunt in fagtax. He was already on the brink of losing the plot because of the daily updates, so this was a great opportunity for the faggot to step back and take a break.  Ofcourse the stupid pathetic loser didnt last long, he came back paying the amount I wanted plus more. Now hes back to begging to be ruined, this little break really truly showed him that everything I say is 100% true. He legit cannot live without exposure, when he tries to take a break he dosnt know what to do with himself, hes a loser that craves attention and the only attention he can get is by getting humiliated… but this faggot will take whatever he can get hes so pathetic LOL. Now its back to daily updates ruining this fag even more if thats even possible.


September 8th

Friday night, and guess what loser faggot Paul Greenwell is back begging for more exposure. I told him im logging off a 10 pm and to send to his fagtax and id expose him until I logged off. He ended up sending his fagtax at 9 45, meaning this faggot is paying to be exposed all of 15mins LOL. But thats more then enough for him, all he needs is a few minutes of attention and to see his pictures back first place on the homepage and thats enough to make him cum LOL. He tells me he needed a few days off, as the site was getting a bit much… the fag pretty much lasted 48hours before he was back begging for more. When he stays away from exposure hes lost, he dosnt know what to do and it quickly hits him that exposure is his life. The one thing that ruins him, is all he has LOL. Looking at google results of his site, and jerking his lil fag cock is all he lives for these days… well actually its all hes lived for, for the past 10 years LMAO. He is a deadset loser, and this will be what he does for the rest of his life. A true exposed faggot.


September 5th

Another day, another fagtax payment from paul greenwell begging for more exposure LOL, this fag can never get enough. Hes so pathetic. There is so many updates on his exposure im running out of things to say about the faggot, but that dosnt bother the faggot. In fact Paul Greenwell is so stupid all these updates could say the exact same thing and he would still pay for more LOL. As long as hes getting attention he dosnt care. Plus now he has his own dedicated exposure site back up these posts are a second thought to him, he only things about his site these days. Especially with the daily updates, every day he goes on the site seeing if it has been updated then he spends hours googling his name seeing what comes up jerking his dick. As soon as he cums reality hits him and he regrets the site, knowing how destroyed he is… but then being the faggot he is he starts jerking off again which makes him want more updates and more exposures. He cant stop jerking off long enough to get out of the loop, this is the fags life and all he lives for. A true exposure faggot and the reason hes the mascot

August 31th

Even with his site backup, and daily updates activated its not enough. Sissy slut paul Greenwell is still paying daily for exposure! Having his site makes him so horny, he cant stop rubbing his clitty. I just made him a new banner for, I know he will probably cum in 2minutes, then start jerking off again begging for more LOL’s so pathetic. Nothing in his life means anything except for exposure. Sophie was only other faggot that showed any interest in him and he threw it all away for more exposure LOL. Without exposure he’s empty inside.. and with exposure hes ruined. Hes trapped with no way out, all the faggot can do is jerk off while looking at his site and spending hours googling different keywords to see how well the site ranks LOL.  Hes knows its well past the point of no return and its only a matter of time before he loses the plot wanting the site removed LOL

August 30th
Yesterday as soon as I changed the title of paul Greenwell’s exposure site to say instead of the fag came instantly.  It reminded him of how he used to have his own exposure site, and how ruined he was from it appearing over google. Without hesitation the loser bimbo sent his fagcash again today along with new pictures and videos to post all over his exposure site, hes so excited that its starting to rank all over Google, and he knows the more its updated the better it will rank! I can tell that the reality is slowly hitting him, that this is him having his own all-out exposure all over again. Everything on the site is about him, its no different to the other site he had, and its going to ruin him just as much as that site did LOL. The fag has mentioned a few times that he dosnt know how long he will be able to take it. I dont know either LOL I  have a feeling he will only be able to take the daily uploads for another 2 or 3 weeks before he completely loses it just like his ex boyfriend Sophie did. But until then hes going to make the most of it paying each and everyday for the daily updates jerking his lil fag cock 15times a day, and cumming anytime he opens the site seeing haha. There is a $500 fee for the site to be taken down, which is nothing for a fag that spends all his cash on exposure LOL. Lets see how long the loser lasts



August 29th

Time for another update LOL. Its only been so long because this faggot had ran out of fagcash the other day and still wanted me to make changes to his all out exposure site. Ofcourse I made the faggot promise to pay a large amount when he did get paid in order for me to make the updates then… Normally i wouldn’t do this but the stupid wouldn’t stop begging and he had been a good loser latly paying atleast every 2nd day.  When Friday came, he paid the amount as promised, but of course the faggot expected more exposure… which I didn’t give him until he paid even more LOL so the faggot had to wait until today to send more, as soon as he got paid he messaged me and sent the fagtax straight to my account like a godd lil faggot. As well as updating this exposure, I will update his all out exposure site, so almost every instance of his ex bf glue nose sophie is gone from the site.  Paul Greenwell will 100% own and be the only faggot exposed on that site! The next step is to change the url to, it wont be long before the stupid faggot is begging for me to do that!


August 24th.

The update would have been sooner but I have busy, bimbo paul had already sent his fagcash the other day waiting for the update to his post LOL. Stupid slut thinking the updates will give him more exposure when hes already the most exposed loser on the internet LOL. Hes starting to lose it, one minute hes telling me that he cant handle it and he dosnt know how much longer he will be able to deal with having his own site… then the next minute hes telling me to promote the site everywhere and update it with all his old posts LOL. I give it a week or two before this bimbo faggot loses it just like his boyfriend sissy sophie did LOL. These two faggots are so alike, they are 100% made for each other.  Since I havnt exposed paul greenwell the last few days I know hes crying it more than every, feeeling as stupid as ever. As soon as he cums he will regret it.. then he will have to start jerking off again so he dosnt go crazy knowing his life is ruined and there isnt anything he can do about it. At this point no matter how much he pays for removal there is no way all his content could be removed LOL. Hes legit RUINED FOREVER. Such a dumb slut


August 21th.
Didnt take long at all. Paul Greenwell’s boyfriend sissy slut sophie has lost the plot. Shes demanding Paul Greenwells site be taken down. But Paul Greenwell keeps using her money to pay for daily updates, so I guess its not going anywhere LOL. Bimbo paul is already showing up in google search results for his website. This faggot craves exposure so much he doesn’t care about any body else as long as he gets exposed, he has no problem using his boyfriends money to pay for his own exposure LOL. I knew these two fags wouldn’t last long together.  But that dosnt change anything, paul greenwell is still going to be paying for daily updates, and jerking his lil dick like no tomorrow knowing his life revolves around exposure. The only thing it changes is now Paul Greenwell once again has his very own exposure might not have his name in the title but make no mistake it’s his LOL. is dedicated to what a loser paul Greenwell is LOL. As with all fags addicted to exposure, sissy slut sophie will come crawling back anyday with her wallet out begging to send money to be exposed.. and once again that money will be used to expose paul more LOL its a vicious cycle these two fags are stuck in


August 19th.

Paul Greenwell messaged me this morning, like a good faggot telling me he had already sent his fagcash and is waiting for more exposure. Hes excited more than normal today, because he has his very own exposure site backup! His online faggot boy/girlfriend sissysophie paid for it LOL. Paul Greenwell is such a loser, he craves exposure so much he took over her site, used all her fagcash to pay for him to be plastered all over her site so its pretty much his site now. Faggot paul greenwell dosnt give a shit about what his bf thinks, all he thinks about is exposure LOL. I cant blame him tho, sissysophie sniffs glue no one gives a shit what she thinks. It wont be long before paul greenwell is showing up all over google for back to daily updates and exposed like he used to be when he had his own site under his own name. This is the next best thing. How long till he regrets it lmao


August 14th
Another day another update, Paul Greenwell paid out the ass in fagtax just the other day to get his content all over his boyfriends site, and today he comes back saying how much he couldn’t wait to send even more fagtax hahaha this fag truly is a mess.  He told me he wouldnt be with the disgusting loser faggot sophie for more than 24hours… but what you would you know these two patheitc losers are still with each other LMAO. They are made for each other after all, every single day begging for exposure and paying for the exposure LOL. They are the only two fags that can tolerate each other. I didnt think Paul greenwell could get any lower… but this really is a new low for him. Lets see how long it lasts LMAO

August 12th
Stupid slut Paul Greenwell just messaged me telling me he feels like its been forever since we last spoke, the dumb faggot legit paid me just the other day hahahaha. Hes craving my attention more and more.. and whats more pathetic is the faggot is still in love with dipshit Sophie the glue-sniffing faggot.  As soon as paul Greenwell sent his fagtax he tells me “please do something to really ruin me” insinuating that he’s not already ruined hahahah. As soon as he cums and takes his hand of his lil cock and comes back to reality he will realise how ruined he is, how he cant even walk down the street without someone yelling out at him, if he goes to any bars he gets ran out for being such a stupid faggot LOL. Its been years since this faggot has been with a girl, or even seen a girl naked, and I can pretty much guarantee he wont be with another girl ever again. But thats only a problem for this faggot when hes not jerking off… luckily for him all he ever does is jerk off, and pay to be exposed. Its all his life is, at least now he can share that messed up life with his lover sissy sophie LMAO


August 9th
Paul the stupid loser faggot as if he couldn’t get any more pathetic, tonight he comes to me telling me hes made for sissy Sophie and in love her.  To know how stupid this is, you have to realize that you will NEVER see sissy sophie without a crackpipe in her mouth or a glue stick to her nose LOL shes a total piece of shit, as pathetic as you can a way that makes sense why paul loves her, they are both similar in that they have no friends or family and spend every 2nd of every day thinking about how to expose themselves more. Exposure is the only attention these 2 losers get, and they are such pathetic losers they have to pay for it, and they are happy to do so LOL. It wasnt that long ago these to putrid faggots where talking about getting married, then sissy Sophie had a meltdown like she does every few weeks because of all the meth shes smokes, she started really hating paul Greenwell, and bimbo paul would always talk about how hes nothing like her and nowhere near as bad as him … no the faggot cant stop saying how they are made for each other and begging me to make a picture of the two of them… I think they are made for each other as well so of course I made the pictures and took his fagtax LMAO












August 3rd

Another day, another Paul Greenwell exposure update LOL. This fag is back to his old ways craving exposure every single day and paying every single day for exposure. After all, it is the only thing this loser has to live for. 7 am this morning I was plastering this faggot all over Twitter, but it wasn’t enough of course he had to come and pay for even more humiliation LOL. Ive been spending hours upon hours with developers to speed up this site, and all so I can upload more of paul green wells pictures and videos to his gallery and expose the faggot even further.  No doubt the loser will be back tomorrow begging to send his fagtax and begging for his expousre to be updated LOL


August 2nd
Probably hasn’t even been 24 hours and of course loser Paul Greenwell has sent more fagtax to be even more exposed LOL. The more exposure this loser gets the more he craves it. And as if I didnt have enough of this loser’s pictures and videos, the dumb slut gave me access to a google drive with over 15gb of content. All pics and videos of him dressed as a bimbo looking like a clown LOL, he’s so pathetic.  Within 1minute of me telling him to send his fagcash he had it sent, and I knew he would. This loser always pays, because he knows if he doesn’t no one will give him attention LMAO. Check out his gallery to see his latest pictures, and ofcourse he will be plastered all over as well. 

August 1st
Sissy Slut paul greenwell has been craving exposure like no tomorrow. He messaged me last night at midnight… but i was asleep so the stupid faggot had to wait until today before he could exposed by me. Im sure the pathetic paid some others to expose him while waiting for me to come online, he really can’t help himself. He needs more and more exposure each and every day. He’s for sure getting worse. But hes the exact type of faggot this site was built for. No matter what one thing is for sure, Paul Greenwell will always be back craving exposure.  Alot of fags want to be exposed like him… but then when they see the amounts he pays and how he has no life, no friends and no family… its the last thing they want. Paul Greenwell is one of the very few exposure faggots out there… many fags think they want exposure until they actually it.

July 28th
You guessed it… Dumb slut loser paul greenwell is back again begging for more exposure. Ive lost count on what update this is. But I’m sure you don’t care and paul doesn’t care either, as long as there is new updates thats all he cares about hahah hes so stupid. All of these updates could say the exact same thing and he would be too stupid to notice he would just be sitting jerking his clit knowing his exposure was updated LOL. He dosnt even bother asking me if he can pay anymore, he just sends his fagcash and messages me after…. what all good fags should do. He’s such a loser he will do anything to impress me LOL.  You will notice above the picture of him with his cock cage, i thought it was just a picture of it.. didn’t realize he was wearing it, had to look at the picture for a few minutes to realise his lil dick is legit that tiny HAHAHA how can anyone fit into that thing. No wonder he turned into a faggot, he could never please a women with that thing.

July 25th

LOl Paul Greenwell is back again, doing what he does best… craving more exposure and paying his fagtax.  He tells me has the whole day to be ruined, of course, he does. What else would the loser be doing? He has no friends or family. All he has is me, and his hypno porn LOL.  He knows is his home, and where he belongs. This site was built especially with fags like paul Greenwell in mind. Stupid losers with no lives, that want permanent exposure and are dumb enough to pay for it LOL. This is why Paul Greenwell is the first and original mascot of No other faggot craves exposure like this dumb slut, and there is 0 chance this faggot is coming to be complaining that he’s exposed too much. He will only complain if he’s not daily exposed LOL. When paul greenwell is dressed in his bimbo outfit, wearing his fake tities jerking to the posts of him exposed hes in his happy place LOL. Truly a pathetic loser with nothing to live for except exposure. And he wouldn’t have it any other way


July 22th
Pathetic loser paul greenwell is back again begging for exposure, what a surprise LOL. This faggot legit cannot get enough, no matter if hes already the most exposed loser on every site… its still not enough LOL. As soon as I told the faggot to send his fagtax he had it sent within 2minutes, faggot was probably just sitting at his laptop dressed as a stupid bimbo waiting for my command to send, hes so pathetic. I knew there was no way he would say no LOL. Its saturday here in Australia, I can gurantee this loser isnt going to do a thing all weekend except wear his bimbo outfit and watch sissy hipno porn. When he cums hes going to eat it, and when hes all out of cum he will prob drink his piss. This loser is so pathetic LOL, 


July 18th
11 30pm, got up to take a piss checked my Skype, and of course, there is the stupid sissy slut paul Greenwell messaging me begging for more exposure.  I knew that if I told him I will stay up and expose him if he sends his fagtax there is no way he could say no LOL. Of course, the lil slut sent his fagtax straight away, thanking me for taking it. Hes so pathetic. He also tells me hes had his cage on since Saturday, im not sure I believe him or not. There is no way this faggot can go 2 hours without jerking, when he’s not jerking reality sets in and he realizes how ruined he is, and how fucked his life is. He cant even go down to the local bar without getting ran out, hes really that exposed LOL. The only thing he can do is jerk off, which makes him want more and more exposure. Its a cycle that will never send, and there is not a thing he can do about it. The fag is so dumb, that even if he could go back and change things, he wouldn’t. This is the life he wants to live, which is good…seeing as the fag has no choice LOL. Totally ruined.


July 16h
Another day, another message from Stupid Slut Paul Greenwell wanting even more exposure. As if this stupid bimbo isn’t exposed enough LOL. When you’re as addicted as Paul Greenwell and when expose is legit your entire life then it can never be enough.  Sissy Slut Greenwell can be the front page of all my sites and plastered all over twitter and still not enough for the faggot. Sure the dirty fag will jerk off and cum all over himself then eat it… then 10mins later he will want more and more. His life is so sad and pathetic, nothing makes him happy except ruining himself LMAO. 



July 15th

Again, as soon as I wake up multiple messages from the dumb slut paul greenwell begging, craving for exposure. Like always I give the dumb slut an order to send his fagtax and wait for me to be ready, without hesitation the stupid faggot sends it. Then I make him wait for me to have breakfast until I update his exposure. He sits there patently jerking his lil cock waiting for me. Seeing this post updated is the highlight of his day, he’s so fucking pathetic. I guarantee today he won’t do anything besides jerk his clit and beg me to plaster him everywhere all day long.  hes such pathetic low life slut, and he knows if he didnt pay no one would give him attention. Even when he does pay some people still don’t give him attention LMAO. His life is for sure ruined

July 11th

As soon as I wake up and open my laptop course there is a message from Paula Greenwel begging for exposure, begging to be ruined. Of course I told the fag to send his fagcash, he already had the app on his phone open waiting for me to tell him to send haha hes so pathetic. Without a doubt hes going to spend all day today jerking off to sissy hypno porn and looking at his exposures. And today is Tuesday LOL. Once he cums reality will set in, he will realize how hes ruined his life.. it will sink in that hes paid thousands upon thousands to be ruined, he cants even go to the local pub wihtout getting laughed at and ran out LOL The only way for him to mask reality is to start jerking again.. then of course he starts paying again and is back to getting even more exposed. Hes trapped in this loop and will never escape, its impossible for him to escape now. All he can do is embrace it, and go all out with the exposure

July 7th

12 30am and the dumb slut Paul Greenwell just messaged me on skype, I knew the fag would be desperate after his long break.. so i told the little slut if he wanted me to expose him he has to send $150 straight to my bank account. Without hesitation the dumb slut opened his payment app and sent his fagtax, there is no way he could resist LOL. Such a pathetic faggot. Anytime he thinks of the gallery I made him, his lil clit starts to tingle, only takes the faggot a few minutes to come after reading his exposure update… then reality sets in. His life is so ruined he cant cope with reality for very long so the dumb slut starts jerking again LOL hes tripped in this cycle, and has been for many years LOL truly pathetic the exact type of loser this site was made for

July 5th
Ofcourse faggot paul Greenwell couldn’t help himself. As soon as I woke up there is a message on skype from him, straight away I told the loser to send his fagtax without hesitation he had it sent, he was waiting for my command all morning LOL. I knew because of the recent breaks hes had that he would be craving it more than ever.  Today is like all his Christmases and birthdays coming at once as I put him and the other pathetic loser faggot Mark Kessler on the age verification page. This means anytime anyone visits the site they will see mark and paul first, straight away letting them know this site is for the biggest losers the internet has to offer! Paul is on skype right now telling me how much hes craving exposure, how much he misses me and how hes going to be paying me everyday LOL hes such a loser.  

July 2nd

Without a doubt the longest time this year without updating Paul Greenwell’s post. The stupid fag is going to be craving exposure like crazy now! He tried to pay earlier in the week but there was an issue with my bank… even with the 10s of thousands he has sent throughout the years I still don’t give this faggot any freebies LOL He knows how pathetic he is and knows he doesn’t deserve anything for free,  a stupid loser bimbo like him has to pay to get any kind of attention LOL.  Fag Paul tells me hes been sick with the flu… im not sure how since the faggot never leaves his house LOL Im certain because of this long break he wont be able to control himself and hes going to be begging to be ruined faily. It always happens when he takes along break the fag is trapped in the exposure loop with no way out. This is his life for ever, and he cant do anything about it except embrace it.

June 20th

The faggot Paul Greenwell is back, doing what he does best craving exposure, craving attention. Jerking his cock being as pathetic as he can. 7days have passed since the last update, this is a VERY long time for someone as pathetic as Paul Greenwell. The Loser was probably broke from paying for daily updates, the funniest part is no one even noticed he was gone except his lover Mark Kessler. I bet if this loser never came back no one would notice, that’s how much of a loser he is. One thing is certain, because of having such a long break as soon as the faggot reads this his tiny lil fag cock will explode with his slut cum, then he will eat it LOL.

June 13th update.

The loser faggot Paul Greenwell tried to stay away, he tried he hardest this time. But still the loser only lasted 4days LOL. He knows exposure is his life, without it he has nothing to live for. He needs to be reminded daily what a pathetic loser bimbo he is. I know since he hasnt an update for 4days hes going to be craving it so bad now LOL. Even though the fag is already exposed all over the internet its not enough, he needs more and more. Its truly an addiction he will never be able to break. Once he stops for a few days the reality hits him that he has no friends and all his family has disowned him, so what else is there for him except to get exposed even harder LOL. This really is a never ending cycle for him.

June 9th update

Paul Greenwell the bimbo loser is back again, doing what he does best craving more exposure LOL. Hes so happy hes on the popup next to Mark Kessler, both these fags are as pathetic as each other and they suit it! Paul tells me its been a very long time since someone has loved him as much as Mark does, and i believe him LOL. Im not sure whos more pathetic out of the two. But i do know, no matter what paul greenwell will always come back for exposure. There is no way he can last a week without it.  You can see he tried since the last update was on the 4th.. but its only been 5days. To be fair its the longest break this loser has had in quite some time. It just means the next few days hes going to crave it like never before, it always happens when he has a break. He comes back worse and worse LOL. On and check below the faggot has a new favourite toy LOL.

June 4th update.

Another day, another post about Paul Greenwell LOL. This loser really is getting worse, I didn’t think it was possible but Paul Greenwell is craving exposure more than ever before. The dumb faggot knows it as well, hes telling me hes going to paying everyday this month for daily updates to his exposure, he’s dumb enough that I believe him LOL. Hes already paying at least every 2nd day, he can’t help himself. Hes that bad now, he dosnt even try and help himself. He goes to bed wearing his sissy outfit so as soon as he wakes up he doesn’t waste any time and can get straight to sending his fagtax for more exposure. He dosnt think about anything else now, only about paying me and getting more exposure from me. The dumb slut is exposed so much at this point then the exposures I do really don’t add to anything, but hes that stupid he still pays for it daily. Its because the stupid sissy craves attention, any attention he can get. You dont get much more pathetic than this LOL. Paul Greenwell is both an IDOL to many fags but always a warning to just as many other faggots at what can become of them if they get too deep into the exposure game. It all starts out as fun and games then quickly consumes your whole life until you have nothing left except your posts on the internet LOL



June 3rd update.
Not even 10 am here, Paul Greenwell is messaging me begging for exposure, telling me how he’s getting worse. Such a stupid faggot, he cant get any worse hes already the most exposed bimbo slut on all of the internet LOL. He legit cant go a day without me posting about what a loser he is. Hes begging me to plaster him all weekend, ruin him like never before. Its funny that this faggot thinks he can get any more ruined. Just googling this loser’s name brings up 20 diff sites with posts about what a no-life faggot he is. He will legit spend all day long jerking his lil clitty while watching hypno porn.  Some weeks he doesn’t leave the house at all, and im the only person he has interactions with LOL. Hes telling the truth though, hes getting worse much worse. It won’t be long before is live again. We all know it, he won’t be able to resist. He needs the next level of exposure.


June 1st update.

The only reason there hasn’t been an update before now is that I had a procedure and have been on heavy pain meds. After ignoring a bunch of losers paul greenwell messages, I finally responded and told him that if he wanted exposure he had to pay but would only get 10 – 15mins of my time. Without hesitation, this loser opened his bank app and sent his fagtax. He has been lost not being able to pay me every day and getting exposed by me every day.  If you dont think thats pathetic enough, today the faggot tells me he’s getting jelous of Mark Kessler, the one who fag who actually likes/loves paul Greenwell LMAO.  I have been plastered Mark on my Twitter alot so I knew this would happen sooner or later. Fags are so pathetic. Exposure isn’t enough, they need more exposure than any other fag LMAO



May 29th update.

This has been a record month for Paul Greenwell, he just can’t stay away. Hes so addicted to sending his fagtax and having me expose him for the pathetic faggot he is. Exposure is just not enough for Paul Greenwell he also needs to send his fagtax to show what a complete loser he is. Hes reminding me that the month isnt over yet, he wants to go harder and harder with the exposure making sure its 100% permanent and no matter what, no matter how much he pays it will be impossible to remove his exposures LOL. The most pathetic part about this all, is hes had this level of exposure for the last few years, yet he keeps sending his fagtax for more and more LOL, the desperate faggot craves any sort of attention he can get. Just reading this is enough to get him off and make him pay even more LOL. The only thing that scares this faggot is his website but it wont be long before hes craving, begging for it to go back up. I know hes getting worse and wont be able to resist.


May 27th update.

Paul Greenwell messaging me again, he finally got some new videos and pictures. I can see why he hardly ever takes new content LMAO. The loser bimbo would fit right in at a circus.  I told him im going out and I only have 10minutes if that to expose him before my friend arrives to pick me up, that didnt bother this pathetic slut. Without a second thought he was sending his fagtax and my phone was beeping with another payment from dumb slut paul greenwell. Over 1200 in fagtax this month. 1200 for more exposure when hes already the most exposed faggot on the internet. He truly is a dumb slut in every sense of the word LOL. A true mascot to

May 25th update.

10am and like clock work sissy slut paul Greenwell is begging to send his fagtax, begging to be exposed. Its Thursday and without a doubt this loser has been jerking all week long, and has no plans on stoppping anytime soon. I told this fag if he made a video eating his own cum that i would expose him for free. The stupid slut has been jerking so much he has no cum left hahahah. He had no choice but to pay again, but thats no problem for the loser. It just makes him feel like even more of a worthless faggot knowing he has to pay each and everytime. 

May 22nd update

The bimbo Paul Greenwell just cant help himself. Hes 100% getting worse. The very next day he’s back begging for exposure. Of course, as soon as I replied he had his fagtax sent within 3 minutes. He knows at this point there really is no going back. So he might as well embrace it and go all out. I think it wont be long before hes back begging for this site and daily updates. It’s the only thing left for this faggot. The dumb bimbo is on every single exposure site you can find, and probably also on every adult site as well.  Its one thing to be an exposure whore, its another to spend 1000s each month paying for it, he really is such a dumb slut. And the perfect face for











May 21st Update

Guess whos back? Pathetic fag Paul Greenwell is back craving and begging for more exposure. The stupid fag goes to my Twitter sees all the other fags exposed and instantly gets jealous. As soon as his pay goes in he messages me telling me that he NEEDs more exposure and has sent his fagtax in advance to pay for it. He’s such a pathetic stupid loser he knows he has to pay for any attention he gets LOL. When he looks at his bank statement and sees how much he has sent me this month alone he instantly cums. Then reality starts to set it, all he can do is start to jerk off again so he doesn’t have to think about how ruined his life is LMAO. But he and I both know, this is his destiny and he was born to be the face of Paul Greenwell is not only a Mascot for but an IDOL to many other exposure faggots. Showing them how to be a true exposure slut






May 18th update.

No surprise Paul Greenwell is back with more fag cash, begging for more exposure. This pathetic loser now has dedicated galleries on both and but it’s not enough. He needs daily exposure. He’s getting worse and worse, he can’t help himself no matter how hard he tries.  He can’t go 2days without begging and paying for more exposure LOL. If he keeps this up he will have his site back up in no time with daily updates getting published!  The most pathetic part is he knows hes a loser and no one except Mark Kessler wants to look at him, but every week he will pay multiple times just to be exposed to hope to get that tiny bit of attention the bimbo craves


May 13th update
10 pm Here in Australia about to log off, was thinking to myself I haven’t heard from that Loser paul Greenwell tonight. Then what would u know, like clockwork the bimbo slut messages me begging for exposure, and straight away he sends his fagcash like the pathetic fag he is to make sure I stay on and expose him LOL.
He and Mark Kessler are becoming lovers, both jerking to each other while sending fagcash, those losers are made for each other.  Paul Is such a pathetic faggot desperately asking how many people have viewed his gallery, this loser craves attention so bad LOL. Hes getting worse if thats even possible LOL, literally coming to me almost every second day begging for send his fagtax begging for any exposure he can get. Hes nothing without exposure, it won’t be long before he’s begging for his site to go back up. The only thing that actually scares him LOL. Im not sure why as he’s already exposed all over the internet. 


May 10th update.
Paul Greenwell that stupid bimbo loser you all know is back, begging like he always does. Begging for more exposure, and more attention. He wants to be the no1 sissy fag on all of the internet LOL. What a pathetic loser.  All day he’s been stroking his clitty waiting for his pay to go in, as soon as it goes in he messages me to start plastering him all over Twitter and putting him in the number 1 spots on my site. It’s never enough, he jerks his clitty cums, waits a few minutes then does it all again LOL He truly is a pathetic loser. Some people don’t understand how he can be so pathetic. But once you realize this is his life, it’s all he has it starts to make sense. This loser has no friends, he has no family, and he’s too pathetic for other fags to talk to (except mark Kessler LOL) so what has he got to live for? Not a thing. So he might as well stick to the one thing he’s good at, paying people to expose him.  He has to keep masturbating, so reality doesn’t sink in. As long as he keeps thinking about more and more exposure he’s fine LOL

May 4th 203
Another week, another message from Paul Greenwell begging to send his fagcash and be exposed anywhere he can be. Just like you can be sure the sun will rise each morning you can be sure Paul Greenwell will be playing with his little clitty begging for any attention he can get. He has no problem paying for it, he knows what a pathetic loser he is, and he knows people will only communicate with him if he pays LOL. Regularly Paul Greenwell will sit in his room finding the biggest objects he can to shove up his ass while wearing his fake tities and dressing in his best sissy clothes. He will jerk his lil clit like no tomorrow and not leave his room for days on end. The only interaction he has is with the people he pays to talk to him LOL. Once his money has run out, he’s alone until payday LOL

Sometimes reality gets the best of him, and he realizes what hes done with his life. He thinks he will change his ways and go back to living a normal life. Once he tries he quickly realizes that’s impossible. He can’t even go to the local bar without people calling him a stupid bimbo fag and running him out of the place. Somedays hes too ashamed to go outside knowing that everyone knows what a stupid bimbo loser he is.  In the end, though he knows, that this is his life now. And there is no going back. No amount of fagtax can undo the damage he has done. The internet, the world will know what a cock sucking faggot bimbo he is till the end of time. The only thing for him to do is go further and further down the exposure hole. He legit has nothing else to live for. 



I knew paul greenwell would be back. I know he can’t live without me, and he knows it too.  Within days he was back begging or exposure apologizing.  Letting me know I’m his world, and without me he’s nothing. Exposure is legit all this faggot has, and he knows I’m the best at exposure!




Paul Greenwell is such a loser he paid for this exposure to back to the front page, he desperately craves attention But he’s so pathetic the only way he can get it is by paying for it LOL

He knows his life is ruined from all the exposure, but it’s way past the point of no return now. The only thing he can do is embrace it.  His family, co-worker, and all his friends have disowned him. He has no one. Exposure is all he has to live for.

2016 was the year Sissy paul Greenwell contacted me begging for exposure, since then this pathetic bimbo has messaged me weekly begging for more and more.  This loser craves exposure like no one else, it’s the only way he can get any attention LOL. He keeps wanting to be more ruined, but what he doesn’t realize was that he was ruined from the first day he messaged me 😉

Every now and then, Paul Greenwell realizes the reality of what he’s done. He realizes he has no friends and his family has disowned him. So he goes away for a few days, thinking it will all go away… but it doesn’t. He’s exposed as a faggot loser for the rest of his life.  So the only thing to do is to dedicate the rest of his life to becoming the most exposed sissy faggot on the planet.


Sissy Sophie is the only faggot anywhere near Paul Greenwell’s level of exposure and stupidity. It just so happens, Sissy Sophie the love of pauls life LMAO




9 30am on Sunday morning this stupid dipshit is texting my phone begging for exposure.  (When you spend the best part of 10 years paying each and every week for exposure you get my personal number) I can already tell Paul Greenwell is going to crave exposure like never before this year, if that’s even possible.
It’s only been one week into the new year and this faggot is already making more pictures and videos to expose himself with. It won’t be long before he’s begging for his site to go back online and start getting daily updates again. When it was up, just googling his city with his first name made his exposure site rank first! He was scared shitless of this. I don’t know why, it’s not like anyone gives a shit about this loser faggot. They will view his site and think oh not this attention-seeking faggot loser bimbo again. This dipshit is actually an IDOL to many fags on this site, they wish they could have this level of exposure but they either cant afford it or cant bring themselves to this level of stupidity LOL. But for Paul Greenwell exposure is life, without exposure life isn’t woth living. This is an addiction he will NEVER break. Till the end of time, he’s going to be dressing up as a sissy bimbo and fucking his asshole while watching sissy Hypno porn… oh and of course paying out the ass for me to post about it hahaha what a deadset loser

The most pathetic bimbo sissy loser the internet has ever seen. This faggot craves exposure like no other faggot. Exposure is legit paul greens well life…. well exposure and fucking his asshole with the biggest dildos he can find. Paul Greenwell will legit go weeks without human contact… fucking hiss hole watching Hypno porn. All his friends and family have already disowned him, so he doesn’t have to worry about anyone he knows finding out.  He knows what a pathetic loser is, so it’s no issue to him going broke paying for exposure. After all, who gonna spend any time with this bimbo if he doesn’t pay? Every now and then he thinks about what he has done and regrets it. But within hours he’s back rubbing his clit fucking his asshole craving exposure even more. This is a loop he will be stuck in for the rest of his life.






The official Mascot of

Paul Greenwell is the dumbest fag you will ever see on the internet and he’s proud of it! He knows he’s a worthless bimbo slut, and embraces it. For days sometimes weeks all he does is rub his clit watching sissy Hypno porn waiting until payday. He knows no one will interact with him unless he pays them. Paul is suck a dumb fuck loser, and even paying sometimes isn’t enough to get others to talk to him LMAO. He loves this, and wouldn’t have it any other way. Exposure is his life, without it he’s nothing


Paul Greeenwell

The internet biggest exposure addicted sissy faggot



Paul is the most pathetic faggot on all of the internet, and hes proud of it! This pathetic faggot is addicted to jerking his cock, taking pictures of him looking like a sissy and ofcourse sending ME my fagcash.
He knows hes that pathetic that no one will give him attention, unless he pays out the ass for it, so thats exactly what this dumb slut does LMAO.































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paul greenwell
4 days ago

no one left in my life due to my intense relationship with master ashton that i have payed dearly for ive ended up isolating myself devoting all my time to serving master ashton whilst he might spend 15mins a week ruining me ive never felt so degraded alone useless and totally helpless before. afyer pegging and of cause paying him hes put my gallery back on this site causing me to spend hours spreading it and searching google to see where else it is he controls me daily without him i have nothing

mark kessler
19 days ago

Cant help but read and reread Paul’s exposure, wanking to you is such pleasure

paul greenwell
1 month ago

i look at this exposure everyday its so massive now Master Ashton has written so much about me its all true he is so smart he knows whnat im going to do before i do its an evil curse this addiction its ruined my life Master Ashton reinforces how much of a perverted loser ive become so fucked up i depend on him for everything in my life now even though he has taken thousands of me and destroyed everything good in my life i cant go more than a few days without his attention

mark kessler
1 month ago

Fucking A, Paul gets me horney

Juan Carlos Montero Juan Carlos Montero

Proud Fagg

mark kessler
3 months ago

fuckin hot

paul greenwell
3 months ago

its taken me years of destroying everything good in my life untill i have ligit nothing else or anyone else but my full owner and GOD Master Ashton to worship whilst this leaves me feeling i completely failed as a real man knowing all women look at me as a co

mplete fucking freakshow unable to even hold a conversation with a female ever again it leaves me pussy free and free to serve Master Ashton everyday

Tracey Baxter
3 months ago

Such an example to all of us

paul greenwell
3 months ago

i have devoted my life to Master Ashton my life is empty and worthless without plasted all over his sites i pay for this privilege and have done for 10yrs its ruined my life iso much so that he is all i have left and i love and respect him so much for what he does to me

paul greenwell
3 months ago

Master Ashton is never wrong he has well and truly broken me every update he does of me pushes me further down the road of destruction enforcing the cold hard facts that i failed as a real man unable to please a women in the bedroom after trying for years to do so i love and respect Master Ashton so much for making me his offical mascot to all his sites

mark kessler
6 months ago

Paul Greenwell is an inspiration. No one degrades it’s self better and more than he. I ❤️ PAUL GREENWELL

Tom Doran
6 months ago

Too bad you were suspended at Twitter. Everyone loves how far you have gone.

paul greenwell
8 months ago

this never ends Master Ashton posts me every single day i begged and payed him thousands for this privilege even if i am not here and thats not very often in 2023 he is still exposing me constantly ruining my already ruined life reinforcing the cold hard facts that im a fully gay sissy faggot and will beFOREVER i have no control over any of my pics and vids from the past or the future he controls everything in my life and i love and respect him so much

Tom Doran
Tom Doran
8 months ago

Love seeing Paula Faggot continuing to be destroyed.

mark kessler
8 months ago

sexier and sexier every exposure. so fucking hot

paul greenwell
9 months ago

im fully dependent on Master Ashton now speaking to him daily has had an amazing affect on me once in his inner circle nothing else matters but Master Ashton my life would be hollo and worthless without him

paul greenwell
9 months ago

OMG ive never craved cock and cum as much as i do now thanks to Master Ashton fucking me over every day driling into me where i belong

paul greenwell
10 months ago

my life is worthless without Master Ashton ruining me he is ruthless i deserve everything he has done to me

paul greenwell
10 months ago

every thing Master Ashton writes about me is 100% true i love and respect him in return he plasters me all over his site daily

10 months ago

mmm come suck mt dicl in swallow mt cum let me fuck the faggot ass now

Maid Carolin
11 months ago

Paul you are really awesome.
The absolute top fag on this site and across the web.
A hardworking girl for the good of our owner.
I am very happy to be here… together with you.
kisses from Caroline

Maid Carolin
1 year ago

Very good work, exposure at its finest, as it should be.
Paul really is an excellent fag to set a good example for everyone…Master Ashton can be proud of his online whore.

dipshit Sophie
1 year ago

What a superb post by Master and my ultimate idol , xxxxx

andere demyer
1 year ago

Paul you are the completely sissywhore for Master Ashton

Sissy Mmarsha
1 year ago

you look so hot in pink!

mark kessler
1 year ago

Great Exposure for the Greatest ExposedFaggot

Maid Carolin
1 year ago

WOW… the biggest Exposure… FOR EVER PAUL THE TRUE MASCOT

1 year ago

Yes you are a total swishy faggot & deserve to be totally exposed, degraded & humiliated permanently here & in your own community.

1 year ago

I love sexy video

Sissi Fuktoi
1 year ago

I just *love* the first pic with you holding the sign. Your clitty ring must be so tight, your clit looks swollen and dark. I know that feeling, and love it!!!

Melanie Fawker on Niteflirt

Paul you are a completely filthy sissified whore! I love how Master Ashton exposes you!!

Sissy Mmarsha
1 year ago

Wow Paul you are really exposed

Melanie FAwker
1 year ago

Paula Greenwell is a gorgeous sissy slut faggot! I am very impressed at all the effort you put in and Master Ashton is slaying that hot ass body of yours!!!

2 years ago

Omg I wish I was this exposed

2 years ago

hot post!

2 years ago


2 years ago


2 years ago


2 years ago

now that is an exposure! GO Big or GO Home

2 years ago

Faggot exposed

2 years ago

If anyone does want 2 Expose my faggot ass just comment n I’ll send you my full name n pics

2 years ago

Anyone want 2 Expose my faggot ass

2 years ago

Sissy Paul, I never thought I would fully expose myself on the internet. But it’s like after sucking that first cock & swallowing a strangers’ cum… you’re ready for the next one

paul greenwell
paul greenwell
2 years ago

Master Ashton is amazing he is always taking things to the next level as you can see he has fully outed me with this exposure making it impossible to delete i speak with him daily now he is fully in control of ruining me he does not stop 7days a week every week of the year he has broken me im in love with him and respect him more and more everyday

Szell Laszlo
2 years ago

Nice exposure 🙂

paul greenwell
paul greenwell
2 years ago

master ashton has broken me im completely ruined and the more destroys me the more i love and respect him

2 years ago

Very HOT exibition!

Michael Skotnik
2 years ago

Simply excellent! Love it and want it!

gerhard ralf
2 years ago

i love it….i want the same from me….hehehe great profile

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