I’m 26 and I an secretly a sissy. And want to become exposed on here. I love showing myself on online. my facebook is Dyl Age. I think I have a nice bum but a small penis. Would like to see how this goes. I’m okay with all of this. Hope my exposure will be alright. This is a huge turn on


In my crib like a fag I am wet and sucking my thumb like a baby a fag who needs to be put in my place locked in perminate chastity and diapers. Made to crawl or be carried and treated like a baby fag I am. I deserve to be exposed as a pathetic diaper fag and then made into a little sissy bitch for real men


exposed faggot ready to be dominated, sissy loves to wear it all fpr you, from cute to slutty dresses, from inside to outside, fantasy to be truly dominated for life, such a good sissy. She needs a Dom to control her little self, guide and train, force her to be what she knows she can be, your exposed faggot for life


I am Paul Beaudoin and I am a submissive sissy faggot. I love to serve men and be abused by them.  I will do whatever they like and wear whatever they want to see me in. I need to be seen in diapers and pink girly clothes so I can be publicly humiliated because I deserve to be used for the amusement of others.

Paul Beaudoin diapers and nightie

I need diaper humiliation.


Hello, ! My name is Larana Bella alias Thierry Bourguignon (but this name only serves me administratively) I am a sissy fagot trained and educated since the age of 14 years. I had the chance and the honor to meet my 1st Master at 14 years old who was able to reveal my true nature and this for our mutual well-being! He educated me with patience but firmness, but he knew that was what was my destiny. For years I was his full property and I thank him every day for his insight towards me. I belonged successively to 4 Masters who all contributed to make me what I am today. I am submissive, docile and obedient. I have no taboos. I am available without restrictions or moderation. To exhibit, humiliate, use to the best of my ability for the benefit and satisfaction of real men. currently without necklace, I am ready to become the property of a Master and satisfy his desires, wants and needs without any reluctance.
Respectfully yours


20190330_224534 (Copier).jpg

20190330_224534 (Copier).jpg

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