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These fags are so ugly/lame I did not want to give them their own spot on the homepage. So they are all grouped togther here!



I decided to try myself in the role of trance. Ie now I’m a fat transuh ready to brighten up your leisure so that I can not forget. I do almost everything. But the truth has not been developed yet But this is temporary. Formed. Tactical. Clean. I love to suck. I will be very pleased to do it. Write here in a personal answer I will give to everyone. Practically trouble free


My name is Andrey Yuchshenko. I from Almaty decided to try myself in a trance role. So now I’m a fat tranny Alice Cocksocker ready to brighten up your leisure time so that I can’t be forgotten. I’m doing almost everything. But the truth is not developed yet. But it’s temporary. It’s tactful. Clean. I love to suck. I’ll be very pleased to do this. Write here in a personal answer I will give to everyone. I want to be dishonored everywhere.


I am a 66 year old gay man who REALLY enjoys masturbating, myself and others, I also enjoy eating cum and being fucked in my arse.  I am really scared to expose myself like this but the erection i have says that I really must do it.   I have been exposed before but only on secure sites and this is a foray into the unknown world her.   May I continue to edge



Little sissy boi dillon loves to dress girly and be exposed publicly as a sissy fag boi, this bitch loves to be humiliated and called a names like faggot, slut, whore, sissy fag. she loves bondage and bdsm and worshiping big alpha cocks, she loves to be controlled and used and is looking for daddies to serve. help expose this little fag boi all over the internet.



Email: johnathon.wilkerson@hotmail.com

Kik: sissy.kimberly

Tumblr: https://www.tumblr.com/blog/sissyboyjohnny

Xhamster: https://xhamster.com/users/sissyboyjohnny

Phone: 4194944792

Harass, humiliate, expose, blackmail me

Send me orders on Kik or text me and extort me for more pictures to blackmail me with so I have no way out. I’ll be your personal sissy slut <3

Please Force me to throw away the keys to my chastity cage too.


I love showing off 🤤😳 I cant help but get excited by showing off my pics.. just knowing that my pics have been seen makes my little cock twitch and grow 😂 I love to expose myself and I am very happy to show my pics to anyone that would like to see! I have so many pics ready to be shared and posted! 😉

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2 years ago

Nothing lame but the judge who judges us for being what we are

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