Site re brand.

We are thinking of re branding the site. We are not sure this will happen.. but just looking for ideas.
It seems the words “Exposed” and “Faggots” is offendingmore and more people. Nomral people do not get there is a select few people who actually like to be called a faggot, and want to expose themselves.
Instead of explaining to everyone this is a fetish you fags have, we are thinking of naming the site something not so hardcore.

We will keep the same concept of the site… People sharing posting content, and getting that content shared. Also having the content permenant on the site for a year or so before it gets removed for free.
But we are thinking of removing the words “exposed” and “faggots”
Yes this will hurt the sites search ranking and mean all the offical fag and exposure agreements have to be renamed.
But we are always looking into the future. A little hardwork now is much better then having no site at all in the future.
If people are crying about the word faggot today… just imagine in 3 or 4 years how much they will be crying about it. It will prob be illegal to even say it.

So besides faggot, what do you like to be called?
Suggest some new names we could use for the site.
If you suggest a name, and we pick it. We will feature you somewhere on the site for the life of the site.
Obviosuly in the names you suggest do not use the words exposed or faggot.

These are few domains we already use. But ofcourse we can buy more if the name is for sale
I get most of these have the word fag… we will probably stay away from that. But we are not sure yet.

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4 years ago

Exposed and faggots are words that helped so many of us find this page. I offend people just for being alive. So what. Don’t fix what is not broken.

Kyle Blebjørn
4 years ago

I wonder why Master Ashton doesn’t just delete the site considering how much bullshit he’s having to deal with, but I’m very grateful that he keeps it up 🙂 “Exposed Faggots” is a great name because of what’s communicated by the two words, and any replacement needs to carry the same implications. Otherwise the site will get lost in a huge mix of crappy porn sites. “Exposed” implies: -being on public display, either willfully or not -having something hidden or private made public -this “hidden or private thing” is humiliating, and/or damaging to one’s image & reputation -you aren’t in… Read more »

4 years ago

sissies and losers exhibitions:)

Simon Hutton
Simon Hutton
4 years ago

if i’m not being called faggot (which is my preferred name) i like queer, poof or sissy

sophie sissy ho
4 years ago

the pillory sentence , since pillory where use for public exposure , this reference could be less offensive

Vivian Tootinyforher
4 years ago

I just searched for some names and found open4use com or open2use maybe open2him or open4him usefull.

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