is an exposure site, so members should not be crying when they actually get exposed. But fags are dumb, so this happens often.

Some fags wonder why there are very few if any Masters on this site, it’s because they cannot be trusted. They seem for real enough, saying ur a cute faggot or some shit then they ask you to text them your pictures… then bam they start with the threats of showing ur family/friends/whole city ur pictures unless you pay them.


For a lot of you, and the members this site was built for, this is a nonissue as the more exposure you can get the better. And if someone is offering to do it for free.. well that’s the best for you. But of course, this scares the shit out of a lot of you and makes you come complaining to me that you’re getting blackmailed/extorted. In an attempt to stop you fags from crying to me about these people I will list some ways to still expose yourself but mitigate the risks of being blackmailed or extorted.


  1. Use a stage name. Never use your real name
  2. Never give out contact info or location info that can lead to people finding your Facebook or any other social media platform. And of course, never mention where you work
  3. Lie about all the info you give. Your city, your date of birth, your name. where you work, and so on
  4. Do not trust anyone who is asking you to send them pictures via email/text/phone/typewriter/hologram/pigeon/fax machine/smoke signal
  5. If someone starts asking you for money, don’t talk back. Immediately leave and report them. Chances are they will move on to the next person


I understand that to get posted on the homepage you must have text with your pictures. However, this text does not need to be personal info. You can easily make a paragraph of text telling people how much you love cock and the naughty places you have had ur cunt filled with cum.

This site is to expose you as a faggot. We don’t care where you work, how old you are, where you live what your email or phone number is. People just want to see pictures of you with dicks in your mouth. No need to share personal info if you’re scared of exposure.

Oh, and it should be common sense, but if anyone from the site asks you for money or threatens you, report them to me immediately and I will deal with that user. Blackmail/Extortion is a crime and a very serious one. Unfortunately, if you meet them on this site, but they do the blackmail via text/email or on another chat site, there is nothing I can do about it. The threats have to happen directly on this site, if I am to get authorities involved. This is why it’s best to never give out your email, phone number, or other means of contact to someone you just met online.

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