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A few days ago I made a post about the points being reset, and the fag with the most points getting the login spot. Well I didn’t actually mean to reset the points, it was just a database error. The original points system.. there was no way to reset the points. But I have just paid someone to edit the system so that I can manually reset the points on purpose.
He has already completed this, and the points are now reset.

The fag with the most points at the end of this month will get the login spot as promised, and also win fag of the month.. which I will make another gallery for. And every month after a fag will win fag of the month and get on the gallery.

Please keep in mind for the 1st few months, the value of the points will be changing as I perfect the system. We don’t want fags abusing the system, but at the same time we want fags that use the site alot to get alot of points. So it’s the most active fags that win the prizes.

Below is a list of what actions get what points. THESE ARE NOT PERMANENT, and many have changed already.

Thing like  commenting, and interacting with other fags will always get the most points, because we want to increase the site activity… but at the same time we don’t want fags leaving stupid pointless comments just to get points.

If you have any questions or ideas you would like to share, feel free to comment on this post.

  • Registering to the site – 50 points
  • Each day you visit the site you get 100 points
  • Viewing A exposure – 10 points (Limit 500 points per day)
  • People viewing your exposure – 10 points each time someone views your exposure. (limit 500 per day)
  • Getting your exposure approved and published – 100 points (Limit 100points per day)
  • Approved comments on exposure – 50 points
  • Each comment you get on your own exposure – 25 points
  • Spam comments – minus 500 points (Not english, just links with no useful comment)
  • Clicking on links in exposures – 10 points
  • New messagewall activity – 20 points (limit 500 day)
  • Messagewall activitity removal – minus 100 points
  • New profile picture – 20 points
  • New profile cover photo – 20 points
  • New friendship – 20 points (limit 200points per day)
  • Ending friendship – minus 50 points
  • Messagewall comment – 25points
  • Message wall favorite – 25points (100 limit / day)
  • New private message – 5 points (not not include chat at bottom of site)Once the points are perfected, and the values are final.. I will create a post letting you fags know.

    To view where you stand in the points ranking view the leaderboard here

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Brian Findlow
2 months ago

Very interesting and good to know


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