Exposedfaggots.com is getting more expensive to run each month with the hosting fees, and money required to hire developers to keep the site running as smooth as possible.
In order to generate more income to put towards the site we are now offering featured popup spots.

These are popups that will show on the most popular pages.
This means whether people want to see you or not, your dumb faggot pictures is going to popup in the middle of their screen!

Fags will be able to put any picture of their choosing, and also have any info they like on the popups.
Fags can choose many different options depending on how much they are willing to spend.

You can have your image on just one, or all of the pages that have the popup.
You can choose to have your image show to only logged in users, or all users.
You can choose to have the image show users only once, or ever time they visit they page.
You can also have a link on the popup which can take the user to your exposure page!

Either comment on this post, or contact Admin MasterAshton with your best offer in USD.
He will then let you know which options you can have, for the price you are willing to pay!


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