The Tattooed Gentleman
Bare-backing exhibitionist who loves an audience

8273 Fawn Dr.
Cedar Hill, MO 63016


This is Oscar J. Groebl, Jr’s opportunity to proudly, without embarrassment or reservation to expose himself for the total, uninhibited exhibitionist and sexual creature that he is.

The tattooed gentleman is all about lust, depraved cravings and a strong need to be stripped bare of all clothing, modesty, and convention standards!
He accepts that this creature is him and he proudly embraces it and presents it all here.

Oscar lives about 35 miles southwest of downtown St. Louis, MO; on four acres of private land, which allows him to live naked nearly all the time. It is also a perfect space for hosting nudist gatherings, sex parties; and entertaining clients.
Make sure to hit him up if you’re interested in attending one! Phone 314-651-5429

The Tattooed Gentleman serves as a greeter, bartender, server, and any other adult service provider. He’s also a storyteller about the history of tattoos and is very willing to strip himself naked to show my own tattooed bodysuit.

Which often leads to doing a masturbation show and/or being sexually available to guests.



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4 days ago

Thanks for sharing with us. Your body is a canvas to express yourself & you are doing it well.

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