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Seattle Sissy is a 60-year-old sissy fag. He’s seeking to be collared and Leashed and used at a Gloryhole and or theatre Adult store.

This faggot is dedicated to being a cocksucker and facial queen. He would love nothing more than to be gimped when he retires and placed in a padded box when not in use.

Bound and gagged. This is a goal of his, not a fantasy.

Seatle Sissy  hopes to be a man or woman slave and pimped out at the Gloryhole for free,

Exposure is exciting and terrifying.. but a closed mouth doesn’t get fed. Feed this fag cock and cum.

He is the lowest sissy faggot!

I want to be Exposed

I want to be a cock slave

I want to be a gimp

I want to be a sissy at the gloryhole on a leash held by a master

I want Facials for hours

I want to suck cock.

I want to be Owned

I want to be put in a gimp box in 3 yrs

I want to be a Faggots Faggot,

I accept that this is what I want and can be used in my description as you see fit

I am a sissy faggot who wants to be exposed and owned

I accept that these photos are released to and used for PEA and Fag ID and any other use for exposure




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Seattle Sissy
1 year ago

Well, it is done.

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