Olivia Fortune

“I failed as a man”


Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
Age: 27



From a very young age this sissy would have the desires of being outed and exposed! Olivia would sneak into her mom’s drawers and wear her underwear and hosiery. It made her feel so excited and horny.
She claims At the time she did not know what this meant and felt a lot of shame about it post-orgasm.  LMAO I bet. Wearing your moms underwear.. damn you should feel some shame!


From the sissy her self:

It has been years since and I know that that was the moment where I started on my journey to be a failure of a man. A sissy. When I was older it was never easy or instinctive to have sex with women. In college I started secretly meeting up with men to please them, but something was missing. I started crossdressing, posting my pics online, meeting men to please them as a woman and now here I am, permanently branded a sissy with a real tramp stamp.

Exposure makes me feel like it is being confirmed publicly that I am not a man, I am a sissy. If I were exposed enough there would not even be the idea of pretending to be a man, I want to lose control of my photos, and have random men masturbate to them. I want people see a sissy when they look at me, and this is one step in that direction.




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2 years ago

very sexy photos sissy

3 years ago

sexy pics!

4 years ago

I want you for sex

Jenna Fab
4 years ago

Very sexy Sissy Faggot

Sissy Bambi Jones Virgin Loser

great exposure and the cage is a nice touch

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