Paul Greenwell



This faggot sent me an email this morning –

“Hi master I was wondering if you are going to be online exposing sissy faggot losers like me today (Sunday)if so can you pls let me know so I can rush down to the bank and send u a big fat tribute so u can continue to show the world what a perverted crossdressing faggot loser I really am the urges /cravings/perverted thoughts have gotten even stronger than ever before  so much so that being a discusting cum dump for any male that needs to blow there load is like it or not my only real focusing life I  need everyone to know what a pathetic low life faggot whore iam and knowing you are local and i trully believe the best in the business was hoping u could help push me into being a full time whore with massive bolt on tits whilst it's a filthy low as it gets way to live my perthetic life it makes me continually horny and that's all that matters to me master so hopefully I will here from you soon and knowing what a low life grose freakshow whore iam will feel like destroying me today”

hahahaha what the fuck, this is one fucked up faggot. I then of course tell him to send some personal info

“my real name is Paul Greenwell mobile 0457071224 I live at 63oaks rd west end Brisbane and I work for Brisbane council I deserve everything I get”

” I crave exposure iam a chronic masterbating sissy slut whilst I act straight to family and friends the urges are becoming once again to strong I spend every spare min I get dressed up like a slut jerking my clitty cumming at least 4times a day I love eating my cum so much it over rules everything else in my life  Touching myself is my fetish master I love it so much master it's more important to me than anything else I get so rock hard every time it really is my passion  I no iam in cabable of having a real relationship as this always comes first I want total ruin ruthless exposure and iam more than happy to pay u what ever you want need for this”

LOL help this faggot out and share this exposure all over. Hopefully someone messages brisbane council and let's them see what a faggot they have working for them ROFL. This chronic masturbating sissy needs to spread all over the internet!

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Andy Diaper Loser Faggot Whore



wow… such a whore he is… completly exposed,outed i was before…poor fag:)

sissy clare

WOW!! thats some exposure dont know if to feel sorry for you or jealous


great exposure,,haha Paula


Poor Fag is totally exposed….


Nice !

Sissy Michelle


mark kessler

love all of the pics of you Paul.


what a complete and utter faggot, bet his little gay cock is so hard everytime he looks at this page, wank it Paul, stroke it again and again

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