A lot of things happened since the last time I posted an exposure and I think it’s time to explain what I’ve been going through during the last month.

I had been talking with Daddy Max for more than 10 years I think. When I asked him to start blackmailing me, I only knew a few things about him : the fact that he loves my pictures and public exposures and the fact that he lives in France. When I asked him for the first time, he told me that it was not a good idea and that I couldn’t be serious about being blackmailed for real. But I insisted. I asked him again and again and again… Each time, he told me how it would be to be forced to wear diapers 24/7. He also told me that he would be pretty serious about turning me into the most PATHETIC SISSY DIAPER FAG and that there wouldn’t be any way back to normal. He warned me so many times but his warnings only made me hornier.

I sent him very personal informations like my boss email address and the name of my best friend which allowed him to find his Facebook account really quickly. I gave him all the blackmailing material he needed.

One night, he wrote this message : “Okay Chrissy, I’m tired of you asking me to blackmail you everyday. So tonight, if you ask me JUST ONE MORE TIME, I’ll do it”. It only took me a few minutes to write “Please Daddy, I want you to blackmail me. I want you to make me your SISSY DIAPER FAG for ever. I want you to use all the informations you have against me. Please, pleeeeeaaaaase, I really want this. I wanna be diapered 24/7. Please Daddy, NO MERCY”. I pressed the “send” button and my whole life changed at that exact moment.

Daddy Max started to explain all the rules I was gonna be forced to follow. The first one was very simple : I had to wear diapers 24/7. I answered him that I was okay with that but I also added that wearing at work and with my friends and family was OFF LIMITS. He sent me a “laughing smiley” and said that he was in charge now. He told me that I would be diapered 24/7 and that I would wear 2 diapers and 5 boosters at home and one diaper and 3 boosters at work and with friends or family. I told him that I wasn’t okay with that, that I wanted to stop the game if it was gonna be like that. Then Daddy Max said that it wasn’t a game anymore, that he wanted me to obey or he’d send some diaper pictures to my boss and my best friend… His answer scared me so much… I told him that it wasn’t funny and that I wasn’t horny anymore and that I wanted to stop. Then he sent this : “Listent Chrissy, I warned you so many times. I told you that I would be serious about that. Well now, you’re trapped. You asked for this and you got it. So now, you obey or I expose you. If you stop talking to me, I’ll expose you. Don’t try to run away cause it’s too late. You’re gonna be MY DIAPER FAG and there’s NOTHING you can do about it”.

And that’s how all of this began… The next day, I was diapered at work, under my work clothes, terrified by the idea of being discovered and humiliated. Daddy Max checked my diapers several times during that day (he does that a lot, just to make sure I don’t cheat).


I thought that he would make me do this once or maybe twice but instead, I have to wear my Pampers at work everyday now… I hate it and I just can’t focus on the things I have to do when I’m padded. It makes me even more anxious when I’m working with another manager at the restaurant or when I have an important meeting with my boss. But Daddy Max doesn’t want to hear me complain about it.

The day decided to become my Dominant Dad, he asked me to purchase a metal chastity cage which arrived only a few days after I ordered it. I’m locked in it full time now and I’m allowed to take it off every three days for hygiene. Of course that happens under supervision (Daddy wants to see everything I do on camera). The keys are stored in a keybox and I have to change the combination without seeing the new one in front of the webcam. That way, Daddy is the only one who is able to unlock me. As I can’t masturbate anymore, Daddy told me that I have to focus on my pussy for sexual stimulation. He makes me play with a buttplug during the diaper changes and he really likes seeing me buttfucking myself.


At home, I’m THICKLY padded at all times. Daddy even made me wear 3 diapers and 9 booster pads once. He checks my diapers constantly. When he sends me the words “DIAPER CHECK”, I have three minutes to send a picture of my nappies. That happens a lot during my gaming sessions as I love doing that when I’m alone at home. Of course, diapers 24/7 means messy diapers too. I hate wearing POOPY PAMPERS so Daddy decided to buy me a pair of lockable PVC pants just to make sure I won’t be tempted to change my diapers without his permission.


When I was begging him to become my Dominant Daddy, I asked Daddy Max for extreme public humiliation and that’s something he didn’t forget. While he allows me to wear normal clothes at work and around my friends and family, he decided that I had to wear a DIAPER FAG UNIFORM. So whenever I go out now (when I take my puppy dog for a walk for example), I have to wear SPANDEX TIGHTS over my BULKY DIAPERS. Daddy Max really likes when I wear my NEON PINK tights or my WHITE SEE THROUGH tights aver some pink princess sissy diapers… In that kind of outfit, nobody can ignore that I’m wearing adult diapers and that is SO EMBARRASSING.



Daddy told me he wants me in my uniform AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. That’s the reason why I have to put it on as soon as I leave my work place, in my car, on the parking lot. After that, I have to drive home wearing nothing but a humiliating CROP TOP, a pair of TIGHTS and my BULKY DIAPERS. I’m so worried about being controlled by the police… But Daddy says I’m not doing anything illegal, which is true. I would only be mortified I suppose.

Now, if you think these are the most humiliating tasks Daddy can imagine well you’re wrong. And this is gonna be the last picture of that exposure. Daddy knows that I become pretty vulnerable when I wear my Sissy Baby Dress. I begged him not to make me go out wearing it. I just couldn’t stop asking him not to do that to me. He just answered me the words I had sent him at the beginning : “NO MERCY”. I was so freaked out when I stepped out of the apartment wearing my DIAPERS, a pair of PINK SEE THROUGH PVC PANTS, my FRILLY SISSY DRESS and my RUFFLED PINK CAP. You can see on the picture that I just can’t think anymore. My eyes are completely empty. Daddy told me that this is probably his favorite picture as it shows me completely DEFEATED, ready to accept my SISSY FATE for the REST OF MY LIFE.

One last thing : I know this is EXPOSEDFAGGOTS.COM and that a lot of people are really turned on by the idea of being dominated, humiliated, outed, exposed or blackmailed. But just remember that : be careful of what you ask for and who you play with cause this is really not the same thing in reality. I never thought I would say that, I mean NEVER cause I was so IN LOVE with my BABY DIAPERS. But the only thing I want now is being allowed to wear a pair of BRIFES… Just a few hours… I NEED A BREAK, PLEEEEAAAASE!

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Erika McNutt
1 year ago

Daddy Max does such good work

Walter Michell
1 year ago

sign me up lol

Connor Michael
1 year ago

awwww so cute id love to forced into diaper training

Andrea Tilapia
2 years ago

everytime i see chris, it reminds me what i aspire to be <3

Lee Taylor
3 years ago

Love the ruffles

Matthias An
Matthias An
3 years ago

Great, your pics are all over the internet. You are the king of diaper exposure

4 years ago

I need what you have had done to happen to me

Andrea Tilapia
4 years ago

such a fun journey for you

Kyle Blebjørn
4 years ago

I’m so proud of you Faggot! This is your best exposure yet 🙂

Vivian Tootinyforher
4 years ago

Remember that you have asked for it. Now you have to endure it and thank your daddy for his help. Or you expose yourself to everyone as diaper sissy baby like me and face the world exposed and humiliated forever. It is up to you. Make some pictures and a video to confess what you really are: a little white sissy faggot diaper baby. Upload it and show the links here. Google will find it soon and you are free again.


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