• I really want to give you all my personal info but everytime I don’t do it.. Please encourage me to do it.. I must do it. I must tell the world who I really am.. A pathetic sissy loser that wants only to be degraded and humiliated like the bitch she is.. Please help me to come out of the closet ..

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humiliation slut
1 year ago

i think you should post at least your real name and some personal info. you want to be exposed don’t you

Savanna (Steve) Beckett

I’m using my real name, eve using a. E-mail address that my wife uses as much or more than me. So from one faggot to another do it. It’s not about what it will cost but what you will gain.

3 years ago

Do it. It is inevitable. You need to do this so bad. It feels perfectly right and it makes your cock so fucking hard.

Do it to complete you.

Faggot Camilla
3 years ago

mm think if you want to come out as a faggot, you will 😉 I have been a faggot most of my life and am now enjoying the exposure 😉 It is about taking the plunge( into a cold sea/swimming pool, but once you have you want more 😉

3 years ago

do it and you will be same as me or valfir 🙂 totaly outed faggot for ever

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